Two-factor authentication (2FA) for your security

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Prevent fraudulent logins: two-factor authentication requires the entry of a code sent by SMS or your mobile ID after entering the username and password.

What is 2FA?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) helps to protect you and your data from misuse. 2FA is a two-step identification process: in addition to your user name and password, you have to confirm a login by entering an SMS code or your mobile ID.

How do I activate 2FA? 

You can activate two-factor authentication free of charge in My Swisscom. Store your mobile number in order to receive an additional code to enter every time you log in or if a security risk is detected by Swisscom (e.g. during a long-distance journey or when switching devices).

When is 2FA used?

During activation, you can choose whether you want the additional identification code to be requested for all areas and at each login – or only for protected areas and unusual login attempts. Otherwise, nothing will change for you. You log into My Swisscom in the usual way with your user name and password.

When might the system require 2FA?

To ensure that your Swisscom login is not misused, our system processes a variety of information. If there is a risk that a third party may have acquired your login details, the system will ask for your identification code (Terms and conditions of use, section 4.3).

The system may require two-factor authentication (2FA) in the following cases for example:

  • Sensitive data or call forwarding
  • Unusual login attempts and/or frequently changing logins within a short period of time
  • Login from an unknown device or suspicious IP address

Why do we recommend 2FA?

Every day, we leave a trail of data on the internet, much of which is personal information. Swisscom wants to give you and your data the best possible protection and therefore offers two-factor authentication. Of course, activation is voluntary. However, so that you can keep up with the increasing requirements and stay one step ahead of online threats, we strongly recommend that you use this additional protection for your data.

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