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E-mail setup on PC (e.g. Outlook) and mobile phone

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Set up your Bluewin e-mail account on a PC or mobile phone. Problems sending or receiving e-mails? Repair the settings manually or automatically.

You can no longer send e-mails?

To continue using your Bluewin e-mail, please udpate your e-mail settings on your device.

Alias addresses with Bluewin e-mail

Problems sending e-mails with alias addresses: check your e-mail settings.

Setting up/repairing e-mail

Option 1 of 3

Automatic setup/repair

The My Swisscom Assistant helps you set up, repair and adjust your e-mail account on the computer (e.g. Outlook). Download the program for free.

Option 2 of 3

Manual setup/repair

Send and receive your e-mails directly on your mobile or computer. To do this, select your e-mail program (e.g. Outlook) or e-mail app in the instructions and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Setting up an e-mail account on your mobile phone

Need specific instructions for your smartphone? Select your device in the instructions and follow the steps for setting up your e-mail account.


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Option 3 of 3

Expert help (charges apply)

Do you need support setting up or repairing your e-mail account? The My Service experts can assist you by phone, in the Swisscom Shop or in person at your home or office.

Checking the account settings

Swisscom now only permits encrypted e-mails to be sent. This ensures that you are better protected against misuse. Please update your security settings to continue using your account safely. Note that your e-mail password is not the same as your My Swisscom login.

Resetting your e-mail password

You need your e-mail password when setting up your e-mail account on your device. Forgotten your password or need to change it? Set a new password in My Swisscom.

Note that you must change the password in the settings of all e-mail programs in which you have integrated your Bluewin address. Your Webmail password remains unchanged.

Logging in to Bluewin Webmail

To access your e-mails online, simply log in to Webmail with your Swisscom Login. You can then work with your Bluewin and Bluemail messages on any computer.

Problems sending e-mails

Issues with sending and receiving e-mails can be a major headache. Common stumbling stones include incorrect passwords, POP3 instead of IMAP and spam or phishing e-mails. The following 5 tips will help you avoid problems with your Bluewin e-mail account.


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