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Device payment by instalments

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Discover how to pay for your new mobile, tablet or additional device in instalments. Find out more about checking eligibility and paying instalments off early.

Paying for a mobile in instalments

Provided that you meet the eligibility criteria, you can opt to pay for your new device in 12 or 24 monthly instalments when you take out a new subscription or extend your mobile contract. Check whether you are eligible on My Swisscom (Customer Center).

You will be able to take advantage of making payments by instalment 6 months after purchasing a mobile with a discount. To do this, you must be up to date with your current instalment payments. The extended contract term (12 or 24 months) is only relevant should you wish to terminate the contract.

How it works

  1. Click the ‘Check now’ button below
  2. If you have more than one mobile, choose the mobile subscription you would like to amend.
  3. If there is a blue ‘Discover devices’ button on the ‘New device’ tile, then you can purchase your device in the Online Shop or the Swisscom Shop with a contract and pay in instalments.
  4. If there is no blue button, then you are not currently eligible for payments by instalments or a discount.

Pay for additional devices in instalments

You can also pay for new tablets, smartwatches, trackers and other additional devices in instalments (12 or 24 months) with no requirement to take out or extend a mobile subscription.

Instalment amount

When paying by instalments, the total amount paid is no higher than paying for the mobile in one go. It is not possible to defer instalments or amend the instalment amount. If you receive a bi-monthly bill, you will be invoiced for two instalments in every bill.

Early instalment pay-off

You can also pay off outstanding instalments before the end of the contract. Any outstanding instalments will be debited from your next Swisscom bill. If you wish to buy a new device as part of a promotion or by instalments prior to the end of your contract, it will only be possible to do so at least 6 months after taking out or extending the contract. You can check this on My Swisscom.



You can view your instalment payment details on My Swisscom or My Swisscom App. The early repayment of instalments can also be arranged in the Swisscom Shop or by contacting the residential customer hotline or the SME customer hotline.



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