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Swisscom TV Air

Swisscom TV Air

Swisscom TV Air

Swisscom TV Air allows you to enjoy TV and, depending on your subscription, all your favourite Swisscom TV 2.0 functions on your mobile devices (smart phone & tablet) or computer.


You can find detailed information about the product at

Important changes to TV Air free features from 1 September:

Usage of the TV Air free service – which is free-of-charge – is not meeting expectations. Replay, recording and live pause will therefore no longer be provided with TV Air free. Live TV with over 200 channels can still be used. Replay, recording and live pause will no longer be available on TV Air free from 1 September. Previous recordings will unfortunately be lost.

Where do you want to use TV Air?

Requirements for mobile phone and tablet

The Swisscom TV Air App requires firmware version iOS 9.0 or higher on iPhone and iPad; version 4.2 or higher on Android devices.

If you have an earlier version of a device, an update may be available from your manufacturer. Unfortunately the App may not be available for older devices.


Ordering and setting up mobile phones and tablets

You can also receive Swisscom TV Air on your smart phone if you don't have a Swisscom mobile phone subscription, or if you use an "easy" offer. Chargeable content like Live TV subscriptions, Live Sports Events, and top films on demand are only available to Swisscom customers with a Swisscom TV 2.0 subscription.

You can download the TV App here:


General questions on the use of Swisscom TV Air App

Where do I have to log in?

Why do I have to log in?

For which devices is the Swisscom TV Air App available?

What devices support TV Air free?

Can the contents of the Swisscom TV App also be watched offline?

Can the TV Air App be saved on an external SD memory card?

TV App 1.0


Swisscom TV Air App allows you to benefit from practical functions such as Replay and Record.

General questions about functions


Replay and Live Pause

Swisscom TV 2.0 remote control

Watching on several devices

General questions on billing

How can I find out how much data traffic I have generated with my mobile phone?

How is chargeable content such as Live Sports Events and Video on Demand billed?

Is data transfer by mobile phone deducted from the units included in Surf subscriptions?

Can I also receive Swisscom TV Air without a Swisscom contract on my mobile phone?

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