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Swisscom TV Air

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You can watch TV on mobile devices with Swisscom TV Air – and on the move with the app.

App or a browser

You can watch Swisscom TV Air on your mobile devices (smartphone & tablet), PC or Mac and use the various Swisscom TV functions.


Using a browser for TV Air:


TV Air on your smartphone or tablet:

Functions and login

Depending on the Swisscom product you have, you can use various TV Air functions and login options. You can see the product you are using in the Customer Center.

How to use the Swisscom TV app as a remote control

You can use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control with the TV Air app remote control function, which lets you switch channels, plan recordings and adjust the volume. This is practical, for instance, if the batteries in your TV remote control are done or you can't find it.


How to watch Swisscom TV on the move: additional tips

How to log in

For customers with Swisscom TV: Swisscom Login or Easy Connect

For customers with Swisscom TV Air Mobile: log in with your mobile phone number or Swisscom Login

For customers with Swisscom TV Air free: log in with your mobile phone number or Facebook login

Why do I need a login?

Your login and the products you subscribe to determine which TV Air functions you can use. If, for instance, you are using TV Air via your Swisscom Login, you can save recordings and use the Replay function. However, if you are logged into TV Air free via your Facebook® account or a mobile phone number, these functions are not available to you. A login is also necessary for legal reasons.


Questions about functions

How does Replay work?

Can I also use Swisscom TV Air abroad?

Can you also watch content offline on the Swisscom TV app?

Can the TV Air app also be saved on an external SD memory card?

Questions about billing

Can I receive Swisscom TV air on my mobile phone if I don’t have a Swisscom contract?

How is data usage billed via my mobile phone?

How is chargeable content like live sporting events and video on demand billed?



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