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Home network setup

Discover how quick and easy it is to set up a network for your home or apartment with Swisscom. With home networking, enjoy Internet and TV from Swisscom without cable clutter, plus uninterrupted WLAN in every room.

Extend and optimise your WLAN

The WLAN-Box is the perfect accessory for your Internet-Box. It extends your WLAN range, optimises reception and wirelessly connects your Swisscom blue TV-Box.

Tips for an optimum connection

If the WLAN signal from the Internet-Box is not strong enough, the WLAN-Box extends its range and improves surfing speed. You can connect the WLAN-Box to the router wirelessly or using the existing Ethernet cabling.If you are connecting wirelessly, position the WLAN-Box on its own half-way between the location where you want to improve reception and the Internet-Box.

More about optimum positioning

You can use the WLAN-Box to connect the Swisscom blue TV-Box to the router wirelessly. This is helpful if the TV-Box cannot be connected to the Internet-Box by Ethernet cable. The WLAN-Box also extends your existing WLAN range.

Connecting the TV-Box to the WLAN-Box

To extend your WLAN in particularly large homes, you can use up to 4 WLAN-Boxes at the same time. Position all WLAN-Boxes on their own (not inside, beneath or behind furniture). Thanks to the mesh function, you can position the WLAN-Boxes in a star or series configuration with the Internet-Box.

Setting up multiple WLAN-Boxes

Using your power supply: Powerline

The Powerline 2000 Connection Kit allows you to use your existing power supply for home networking. It makes setting up a network in your home or apartment easy, allowing you to connect up distant rooms such as basements with fast Internet.

Tips for an optimum connection

Powerline allows you to use your existing power supply to connect the Swisscom blue TV-Box to the router. This is the perfect solution if there are thick walls or ceilings between your TV and the router (e.g. if your TV is in the basement). 

Help on the Powerline connection kit

Powerline allows you to give multiple rooms an Internet connection. The connection kit can be extended with up to 3 additional adapters, allowing you to connect up additional rooms.

Using multiple Powerline adapters

The WLAN-Box is perfect for connecting additional rooms located in the vicinity of the Internet-Box. Powerline is recommended primarily for more distant rooms or locations that are separated by thick walls/ceilings where there is no WLAN signal or a very weak signal.

Setting up a home network:with the Internet-Box

The Internet-Box is the key to perfect home networking. It opens the door to fast Internet, stunning television and fixed network telephony with the very best voice quality at home.

Tips for an optimum connection

Position your Internet-Box on its own (not inside, beneath or behind furniture) in as central location as possible. This will ensure the best WLAN coverage for your home.

Help with connection problems

The Internet-Box 4 gives you all the benefits of the very latest technology.

About the Internet-Box 4

Is a wiring cupboard part of your network setup? You can position the router inside or outside the wiring cupboard. Positioning the router inside the wiring cupboard impairs the WLAN signal. We therefore recommend extending the WLAN range with a WLAN-Box.

Help on the wiring cupboard

Easy setup with the Home app

  • Simple installation of the router and WLAN-Box
  • Overview of all devices in the home network
  • Tips on optimising the WLAN connection
  • Testing WLAN coverage

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