WLAN-Box setup

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Find out where to position your WLAN-Box for the best reception and how to install and connect it with your Internet/TV-Box and other devices in your home.

WLAN-Box positioning

Always stand the WLAN-Box upright to achieve optimum WLAN reception. Never lay it flat as this will greatly impair WLAN reception. The WLAN-Box should not be positioned close to other objects or metal casings either.

For more information about the WLAN-Box and detailed installation instructions, see the device page.

Correct: standing Correct: standing
Wrong: lying Wrong: lying

The WLAN-Box can be used in two ways:

  • As an Access Point: To optimise WLAN reception throughout your home, connect the WLAN-Box to the Internet-Box with a cable.
  • As a WLAN repeater: This also boosts WLAN reception, but not in the same quality as an Access Point. To use it as a WLAN repeater, position the WLAN-Box between the Internet-Box and the location where you are wanting to use the Internet, and connect the two boxes wirelessly.
Wired as an Access Point Wired as an Access Point
Wireless as a Repeater Wireless as a Repeater

Connecting to the Internet-Box

To establish a connection between the WLAN-Box and Internet-Box, proceed as follows:

  1. Connect the WLAN-Box to the power supply in the desired location.
  2. Switch on the WLAN-Box and wait two minutes.
  3. Press the plus (+) button on the WLAN-Box and then the plus (+) button on the Internet-Box within two minutes to pair the two devices. Repeat this step for all WLAN-Boxes if you have more than one.

Pairing is necessary whether the WLAN-Box is connected to the Internet-Box via WLAN or Ethernet, to transfer all the Internet-Box settings to the WLAN-Box.

Connecting to the Internet-Box

Connecting to the Swisscom TV-Box

  1. Position the WLAN-Box adjacent to the Swisscom TV-Box.
  2. Connect both devices with an Ethernet cable.
  3. Connect the WLAN-Box to the Internet-Box by cable or wirelessly.

Using the WLAN-Box also extends your existing WLAN reception range.

If you have an Internet-Box 2 or newer, you can connect up to 4 TV-Boxes as shown. With Internet-Box plus or Internet-Box standard, only one TV-Box can be connected to the WLAN-Box.

Connecting to the Swisscom TV-Box

Connecting several WLAN-Boxes

You can add a maximum of 4 WLAN-Boxes to your existing WLAN network.

Thanks to the mesh function, you can position the WLAN-Boxes in a star or series configuration with the Internet-Box.

For an optimum connection, we recommend using an Ethernet cable to connect the WLAN-Box to the Internet-Box.

Connecting several WLAN-Boxes

Pairing other devices

Many WLAN devices like Windows computers, Android smartphones or IP radios support automatic pairing with no need for entering a password. These devices have a WPS function (Wi-Fi Protected Setup).

Press the WLAN-Box plus (+) button and the activate the WPS function on your device within two minutes to automatically pair it with your WLAN-Box. The devices then pair automatically.

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