WLAN-Box positioning

The WLAN-Box extends the range of your WLAN and increases the WLAN speed. To get the best performance from your WLAN-Box, you need to position it in the optimum location in your home.

Use the WLAN test in the My Swisscom app(opens in new tab) to check exactly where in your home the WLAN reception is best. This will help you to position the WLAN-Box properly.

To optimise WLAN reception at home, connect your WLAN-Box to the Internet-Box with an Ethernet cable. We recommend this connection option in homes that have Ethernet network cabling or a distribution box. Place the WLAN-Box in the room where you need good WLAN and currently have poor reception. In the desired room, connect the WLAN-Box to the power supply and to the network via Ethernet cable.

You can also easily connect the WLAN-Box to the Internet-Box by WLAN. To do this, place the WLAN-Box in a free-standing position approximately halfway between the Internet-Box (or existing WLAN-Box) and the device with poor WLAN reception.

Note: place the WLAN-Box 1 or 2 rooms away from the Internet-Box so that it can extend the range.

WLAN-Box setup

App instructions

The My Swisscom App will guide you through a step-by-step setup process for your device.

Scan the QR code to get started.


App instructions

The My Swisscom App will guide you through a step-by-step setup process for your device.

  1. Connect the WLAN-Box to the power supply in the desired location. 
  2. Switch on the WLAN-Box and wait two minutes. 
  3. Press the plus (+) button on the WLAN-Box and the Internet-Box plus (+) button within two minutes to pair the two devices. Repeat this step for all WLAN-Boxes if you wish to install more than one.

As soon as the status LED of the WLAN-Box lights up white, the installation has been successfully completed and your WLAN-Box is ready for operation. Does the status LED light up red or blue? The PDF(opens in new tab) shows you what the LED means (page 3).

Connect WLAN devices to the WLAN-Box

Devices connected via WLAN, such as laptops or mobile phones, automatically connect to the WLAN-Box. To connect other devices to your WLAN-Box, follow these instructions.

You can use the WLAN-Box to connect your TV-Box or other wired devices to the Internet if they are further away from the Internet-Box.


  1. Position the WLAN-Box adjacent to the TV-Box. 
  2. Connect both boxes using an Ethernet cable. 
  3. Connect the WLAN-Box to the Internet-Box (by cable or WLAN).

Please note: you can also connect other devices to the Ethernet ports on the WLAN-Box.

You can add a maximum of four WLAN-Boxes to your WLAN network. It makes no difference whether you connect the various WLAN-Boxes via Ethernet or WLAN. Leave 1 or 2 rooms between the WLAN-Boxes for the best possible WLAN range. Thanks to mesh technology, the WLAN-Boxes automatically connect to the best WLAN connection in your household.

To install an additional WLAN-Box, follow the steps under “WLAN set-up”.

The WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) function enables you to connect your devices such as printers or IP radios at the touch of a button without entering the WLAN password. Press the plus (+) button on the WLAN-Box and activate the WPS function on your device within the next 2 minutes. Please note that not all devices support WPS and device manufacturers offer alternative solutions in many cases (e.g. via their own apps).

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