Set up the Internet & connect devices to WLAN

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Set up the Internet and connect your computer, mobile phone or other devices to WLAN to enjoy wireless surfing throughout your home.

Set up Internet

Connect your router to the Internet and power supply. Step-by-step instructions and additional help are
available in the installation PDF for your Internet-Box.

Connect a computer to WLAN

Option 1/2


My Swisscom Assistant helps you to set up WLAN on your computer. Install the free help programme for wireless surfing in the future.

Option 2/2


You can also manually connect your computer to the WLAN.

  1. Search for nearby WLANs on your computer (with a Windows PC, select the network icon in the lower right corner; with a Mac, select the WLAN symbol in the top right).
  2. Select your WLAN name.
  3. Enter your WLAN password.
  4. Done!

Your WLAN name and password can be found on My Swisscom(opens in new tab). If you have an Internet-Box plus, you can also access your login details on the device.

The WLAN name (SSID) is not displayed on my computer  

A few Windows computers cannot connect to the Internet-Box 3 and Internet-Box 4 WLAN, or to the WLAN-Box 2, because they don’t recognise the WLAN and cannot display it as one of the available networks.

How to fix this

Connect a mobile device to WLAN

If you want to surf in the WLAN with your mobile device you need to activate this function in the settings. Set up your device in accordance with the step-by-step instructions.

Connect devices to WLAN

To connect devices like printers or IP radios, the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) function is the easiest option. Many WLAN devices (other than Apple products) support automatic connection with no need to enter a password.

Press the WLAN-Box plus (+) button and activate the WPS function on your device within two minutes to automatically pair it with your WLAN-Box. The devices then pair automatically.

Help from the Swisscom Community

Help from the Swisscom Community

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