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Multi Device option conditions

Multi Device is an additional service for a blue Mobile subscription and requires a special SIM for each additional device. Multi Device is available in Trackers & Sensors, Watches & Wearables and Smartphones & Tablets versions (categories). Once the additional device is activated for a specific category, its minimum service period will run until the end of the following month. You can then cancel this multi option category at any time, with monthly fees billed on a pro rata basis. 

After 12 months without Multi Device option activation or SIM deactivation without re-activation within 12 months, the SIM is invalidated and can no longer be used.


  • Same-time calls on the master and additional device are not possible.
  • Sending/receiving SMS/MMS is not possible on the additional device.
  • Once the 40/80/120GB for the additional devices in the "Smartphone & Tablets" Multi Device option are used up, users continue to surf for free at reduced speed.
  • The additional device can be used as part of the respective blue Mobile subscription, taking advantage of the available roaming credit (days/data volume). Only 1 roaming day is debited for same-day use of the master and additional device.
  • If the Multi Device SIM is misused or there are indications of misuse, Swisscom is authorised to block the connection immediately.
  • Swisscom assumes no liability or guarantee for third-party services (such as third-party instant messaging or apps) or their function with Multi Device.
  • Multi Device is not available for Liechtenstein connections with +423 as prefix.
  • If they use connected devices (like Apple Watch, TLC30-Watch, Move Time, trackers etc.), customers may have to accept the terms and conditions of use of third parties (of the device manufacturer and app and web service providers). Swisscom recommends that you read the third-party terms and conditions of use carefully and pay special attention to data protection and security aspects.