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TV Air

Enjoy Swisscom TV
wherever you are.

Up to 300 channels      Replay, recording      Teleclub content      5 devices simultaneously

Swisscom TV Air

You can now enjoy your favourite programmes and sports events wherever you are. TV Air brings Swisscom TV to your laptop, tablet and smartphone. With everything that makes Swisscom TV so unique: Live TV, replay, recording and Teleclub content. What’s more, you can also enjoy TV Air as a free package without subscription.


Never miss a goal!

with TV Air, you can now enjoy live sports events even when you’re on the move. So, you won’t miss a goal from your favourite team.

Using Swisscom TV Air

TV Air offers great features if you have a Swisscom subscription. But, with TV Air, you can also enjoy free Live TV on more than 250 channels, all without a Swisscom subscription.

TV Air features

Have a great holiday!

With TV Air, you can also watch your purchased recordings and films offline, allowing you to enjoy your favourite programmes on the plane or abroad without an Internet connection.

Choose Swisscom TV.

Swisscom TV gives you outstanding quality, comprehensive service, advanced technology and excellent customer care.

Number 1

With more than 1.5 million subscribers, Swisscom TV is Switzerland's most popular digital TV.


Swisscom is one the most sustainable companies in Switzerland and the world.


Swisscom is one of the three most innovative companies in Switzerland.


More than 150 specialists deal with data protection and information security.