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Install your TV-Box or download the Swisscom blue TV app. Tips for settings to get the most out of your TV viewing. 

blue TV at home

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up blue TV on different devices at home. 

Swisscom TV-Box

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up Swisscom blue TV with a Swisscom TV-Box. Beforehand, ensure that your Internet is correctly installed, the router is switched on and the TV connection is working properly. The following instructions apply to all Swisscom TV-Boxes.

Option 1 (recommended): Ethernet cable 

The most reliable method is to connect the TV-Box  to the Internet-Box using an Ethernet cable. This requires the box to be located near the Internet-Box.

Option 2: The TV-Box ’s WLAN function 

Use the TV-Box ’s integrated WLAN function to connect the TV-Box to the Internet. This requires the TV-Box to be positioned close to the Internet-Box (in the same room or in a neighbouring room) and not inside a cupboard.

Option 3: WLAN-Box

If the TV-Box  is located further from the router – on a different floor of the house or several rooms away – use a WLAN-Box. The TV-Box  is then connected to the WLAN-Box using an Ethernet cable, which creates a wireless connection to the Internet-Box. The WLAN-Box also extends the range of your WLAN for your devices, such as smartphones and computers, etc.

Option 4: Network cabling (Internet-Box in the network distribution box) 

Larger, more modern homes have a network cabling socket in each room. This allows you to plug the TV-Box in there, giving you the optimum Internet connection.  Internet-Box in the network distribution box

Apple TV 4K & Smart TV

You can also access your blue TV subscription via your Apple TV-Box or smart TV. Download the blue TV app onto your TV as follows: 

  1. Find the blue TV app in the apps on your Apple TV 4K or smart TV.
  2. Open the blue TV app.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.

blue TV in a second home

You no longer need an additional TV subscription to use blue TV in your holiday home. A home Internet subscription per residence plus one of the two Multiroom options gives you blue TV at home. 

Third-party provider box

Swisscom blue TV is also available as an app on third-party provider boxes.
Subscribing to blue TV on a third-party provider box:

  1. Navigate to the main menu/home on your third-party provider box.
  2. Go to the "Apps" section and open the blue TV app.
  3. Register and subscribe to the desired package directly in the app.

If you took out your blue+ subscription (previously Teleclub) prior to September 2020, order the new blue+ subscription as described above and then inform blue Customer Service(opens in new tab) so that your previous package is cancelled.

Please note: Depending on the third-party provider, the app may not be offered on all boxes, please contact your provider for more information.

blue TV on the move

On laptop and smartphone

You can also enjoy Swisscom blue TV on the move. Either directly online on your laptop (PC or Mac) or via an app on your mobile or tablet. Need help to log in?

Online in your browser

An app on your smartphone or tablet


Watching TV on the Internet uses around 1 GB of data per hour. If you use blue TV Air on the mobile phone network, the cost of your data depends on your mobile phone provider and subscription. There are no additional costs for subscriptions that include Internet usage. Or if you watch blue TV Air on WLAN.

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