Mobiles & smartphones for kids

The perfect companion

See our overview of current smartphones and mobiles for children aged 6 to 12. We have mobiles for children who mostly use them to make calls, but also for children who primarily use them for making and watching videos or using apps. The magazine article "My child’s first mobile phone" also contains plenty of useful tips and information.

Matching accessories for smartphones

To keep your child’s mobile in good condition for as long as possible, we recommend our range of phone cases, with a Galeli mobile strap for instance. To keep the screen undamaged, PanzerGlass or Eiger screen protectors are a must. And to combat unhygienic bacteria, it is worth cleaning the mobile regularly with a cleaning cloth or using a disinfection box.

Smartwatch for your child

With the Movetime Family Watch, you can stay in touch with your child at all times. Thanks to the integrated camera, you can see right away where your child is going, while your kids can send you photos, voice messages and emojis – either to individuals or in group chats.