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  • Increased range for HD-Phones
  • Simple installation
  • Option to use two repeaters
  • The repeater can be used with up to two HD-Phones
  • Automatic call transfer between Internet-Box (or Centro Business 2.0) and repeater
  • Compatible with all Swisscom Internet-Boxes (except for Internet-Box light)

You can extend the range of your HD-Phone with the Gigaset Repeater HX. This ensures coverage in remote areas, inside and out. The Repeater HX supports up to two calls in HD sound quality and transfers calls automatically between the base station and the repeater within the reception area. DECT encryption ensures you always have a secure connection.

When you use a repeater, the Ecomode on HD-Phones is automatically switched off.

Compatible with:
HD-Phone Gigaset Comfort 551HX, HD-Phone Davos, HD-Phone Gigaset CL660HX , HD-Phone Gigaset E560HX , HD-Phone Gigaset SL360HS , HD-Phone Gigaset Maxwell C, HD-Phone Montreux, HD-Phone Nyon, HD-Phone VTech HD10 and HD-Phone Zermatt

Setting up:
Connect the repeater to the power next to the Internet-Box (or Centro Business 2.0). The repeater goes into pairing mode (left LED flashes) for the next 5 minutes. Now press the connection button on your router (+ button). Wait for the repeater to pair with the router (left LED lights up red constantly). Now position the repeater between your router and the location of your HD-Phone.

Fixed network connection (IP) from Swisscom and Swisscom Internet-Box 3, Internet-Box 2, Internet-Box plus, Internet-Box standard or Centro Business 2.0 as of FW version 9.04.02.
The Gigaset Repeater HX is not compatible with the Internet-Box light.

Step-by-step instructions

Please note: does not support the Centro Business router 1.0.

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