Mobiles & smartphones for older people

Large keys, easy operation

Mobile phones with large keys and fewer functions simplify use for older people. A large font, incerased volume when making calls and a louder ringtone are also features of basic mobiles for older people. Check out our basic phones for older people.

Courses for older people

Swisscom Magazine has some useful tips on helping older people select their first smartphone. However, a course from Swisscom Academy could also be a good idea. Swisscom offers a variety of courses, from getting to know your smartphone to taking the best photographs.

Matching accessories for your smartphone

Something that means so much to you needs protecting. That’s why we recommend our protective covers, made from Bugatti leather, for example, or with a Galeli mobile strap. To keep the screen undamaged, PanzerGlass or Eiger screen protectors are a must. And to combat unhygienic bacteria, it is worth cleaning the mobile regularly with a cleaning cloth or using a disinfection box.