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Great deals on mobiles and smartphones

Great value for money 

Swisscom has a wide selection of value mobiles for you to choose from, with or without subscription. Buy your smartphone directly online or in person from a Swisscom Shop. Swisscom also offers a selection of second-hand and prepaid mobile phones. And if none of them grabs you right away, you can see all mobile offerings at a glance. 

Android or iOS? It’s all about the operating system 

If price is not the most important factor, perhaps the operating system is. The choice of Android or iOS is simply a matter of taste. Some like the simple operation of Apple devices, while others prefer the variety of Samsung, LG, Huawei and others. Or do you need a phone that can withstand a lot of wear and tear? Then perhaps a Caterpillar model is the one for you. 

Matching accessories for your smartphone 

Something that means so much to you needs protecting. That’s why we recommend our protective covers, made from Bugatti leather, for example, or with a Galeli mobile strap. To keep the screen undamaged, PanzerGlass or Eiger screen protectors are a must. And to combat unhygienic bacteria, it is worth cleaning the mobile regularly with a cleaning cloth or using a disinfection box.