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Safe with Swisscom.

Whether you are surfing, sending e-mails, making calls or watching TV: We protect you from possible risks with innovative technologies, offers and information. So you and your loved ones don’t need to worry when you spend time in the digital world.



We protect your devices.

Your smartphone, tablet and PC are fully secure with us. Protected from misuse and malware. We also offer technical support and advice for your PC and smartphone. And we insure your mobile phone or tablet against physical damage as well as call misuse following theft.


We protect your data.

Your data is well protected with us: we warn you when you surf on dangerous websites. We store your photos, videos and other files safely in our online storage in Switzerland and you can change the data protection settings any time.


We protect you and your loved ones.

You and your loved ones benefit from innovative security technology with Swisscom. Take the Callfilter, which protects you from unsolicited advertising calls. Or the Home app you can use to control your Internet-Box and Smart Home devices. A great way to monitor and protect your home.

Security tips

The 5 golden security rules.

Swisscom Security

Everything we do for your security on a daily basis.

Easy Travel Insurance

This leisure and travel insurance provides cover for unforeseen events before or during travel in Switzerland and abroad at a daily or annual rate.



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Easy Cyber Insurance

Our comprehensive Internet legal expenses insurance supports you if you become a victim of cyber crime, such as cyberbullying, cyber attacks and virus attacks on electronic devices.


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Current stories related to security.

Opt for Swisscom.

Swisscom gives you outstanding quality, comprehensive service, advanced technology and excellent customer care.


Swisscom is one the most sustainable companies in Switzerland and the world.


Swisscom is one of the three most innovative companies in Switzerland.


Long-time top scorer: the Swisscom network.

Top service

We're there for you. Online, in the Shop, through our chat function, in the community and on the phone.