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Mobile phone, PC or Smart TV

blue TV app: best TV experience

blue TV on the move with the blue TV app on your tablet, laptop or mobile phone. Or at home on all your TVs with Multiroom.

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Blue TV App

With the blue TV app, you can take your TV subscription wherever you go

Enjoy free access to all content via the blue TV app.

The blue TV app for mobile devices (iPhone or Android) lets you download all the content from your blue TV subscription free of charge to watch on the move and offline. You can also access your recordings in the cloud at any time.

Mit der blue TV App haben Sie Ihr TV-Abo überall mit dabei

Über die blue TV App immer kostenlos Zugriff auf alle Inhalte erhalten.

Die blue TV App für mobile Geräten (iPhone oder Android) bietet Ihnen die Möglichkeit, gratis alle Inhalte Ihres blue TV Abos herunterzuladen, um sie unterwegs und offline zu schauen. Natürlich haben Sie darüber auch jederzeit Zugriff auf Ihre Aufnahmen in der Cloud.

In your main residence or a second home

Enjoy TV on several devices at the same time with Multiroom Max

Want to use your blue TV subscription on several TVs and watch shows at the same time? It’s easy with Multiroom Max: install up to five TV-Boxes of your choice or connect your Smart TV.

Price per additional device:

  • 99.– for TV-Box 5
  • 169.– for Apple TV 4K
  • No costs for Smart TV (via blue TV app)

You don’t need a second TV subscription to watch TV at your second home in Switzerland. You just need a blue Internet subscription and Multiroom Max.

What are the benefits?

  • You only pay for one blue TV subscription at your main residence
  • You have access to all your recordings and content at both locations
  • You can also enjoy all the benefits of your Swisscom TV Box at your second home
  • If you already have several TV-Boxes at your main residence, you can take them with you to the second home without the need to buy an additional TV-Box

What do you need?

  • blue Internet subscription and blue TV subscription at the main residence
  • blue Internet subscription at the second home
  • Internet connections at the main residence and second home purchased by the same person (same customer number)
  • Multiroom Max (9.90/mth)

If Swisscom Internet is not available, you do not need a TV subscription from another provider, but can also use blue TV via our blue TV app. Directly on the Smart TV or on Apple TV 4K.

Multiroom options

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Still don't have blue TV?

The Swisscom blue TV app (previously Swisscom TV Air) is free with every TV subscription. But you can also enjoy blue TV Air without a blue TV subscription.

blue TV subscriptions

Our blue TV subscriptions

S, M, L or XL? Find the perfect subscription now.

blue TV Air

blue TV Air subscription for 10.–/mth.

Our subscription if you just want to watch TV on mobile devices, smart TVs or Apple TV 4K.

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