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Swisscom blue TV app

With the Swisscom blue TV app, you can also enjoy your Swisscom blue TV on tablets, PCs or mobile phones. With your channel list, recordings, Replay, blue+ and everything you love from blue TV with the Swisscom Box.

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The works.
For big and small screens.

Your home screen

Find what interests you instantly on your personal home screen.


Sport, films, series in your blue+ package or pay-per-view.

Series overview

Watch all the episodes from your favourite series on all the devices you access.

Up to 300 channels

You can access all the channels in your blue TV subscription.

7-day Replay

Depending on your subscription, watch up to 7 days of time-delayed programmes on all channels.


Watch purchased films and recordings offline.

blue+ premium
à la carte content.

With blue TV Air you have access to all your subscribed blue+ packages, such as blue Max, Sport or Doku. You can also rent or purchase pay-per-view films, series and sport.

With every blue TV subscription.

With the Swisscom blue TV app (formerly TV Air) is a free gift with every TV subscription. But you can also enjoy blue TV Air without a blue TV subscription.

  • With a blue TV subscription

    Enjoy your blue TV with the same content and functions as your Swisscom Box for free on your mobile device.

    With a Swisscom blue TV subscription


    As a blue TV Air subscription

    Get blue TV with over 250 channels, blue+ premium content, 30 hours Replay and 60 hours recording on your mobile devices.

    Per month


  • blue TV Air free

    Get blue TV with over 250 channels, blue+ premium content and on your mobile devices.

    Advertising during channel change

    Free of charge

blue TV Air overview

The content and functions of the Swisscom blue TV app vary between subscriptions.


blue TV X or L


blue TV M


blue TV S

Without a
blue TV subscr.

TV Air

Without a
blue TV subscr.

TV Air free

TV channels 300
(160 HD)
(120 HD)
(60 HD)
(100 HD)
(100 HD)
blue+ Max, Sport, Doku
Pay-per-view sport and films
Replay 7 days 7 days 30 h
30 h    –   
Recordings 1200 h in HD 120 h in HD    –    60 h in HD    –   
Live Pause    –   
TV Guide

blue TV App.
For smart TVs too.

The Swisscom blue TV app is also available for smart TVs. You can enjoy your Swisscom blue TV on other TVs, even without a Swisscom Box.

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