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The different disciplines that keep the business going. Whether you work in Supply Chain Management, HR, Marketing, Communication, Finance & Controlling, Facility Management, Corporate Responsibility or Strategy: in this area, your role is to support our business units.

What you do is who we are.

Working here

Accounting Analysts

Analytics Controllers

Asset Managers

Billing Data Analysts

Billing Product Managers

Brand Designers & Managers

Business Development Managers

Business Process Operators

Coaches & Training Consultants

Communication Specialists & Consultants

Compensation & Benefits Specialists

Corporate Journalists

Corporate Responsibility Managers

Costing Specialists

Data Governance Managers

Digital Experience Managers

Diversity Responsibles

Employment Relations Managers

Experience Marketing Managers

Financial Assistants & Accountants

Financial Controllers

Financial Risk Managers

Fraud Analysts & Managers

Health & Employability Specialists

HR Advisors

HR Analysts

HR Business Partners

HR Employer Branding Managers

HR Future Workforce Managers

HR IT Project Managers

HR Operations Assistants

HR Talent Managers

HR Talent Sourcer / Recruiter

Interaction Designers & Marketing Managers

Internal Auditors

Investor Relations Managers

Learning & Development Specialists

Learning Architects

Live Marketing & Sponsorship Managers

Management Assistants

Managers Public Communications

Market & User Experience Research Specialists

Market Development Managers

Marketing Specialists & Managers

Media Spokespeople

Order and Invoice Specialists

Organisation Development Specialists

Planning & Coordination Specialists

Process Experience Managers

Process Managers

Procurement Specialists

Project Manager Mergers & Acquisitions

Project Portfolio Managers

Purchasing & Licence Manager

Purchasing Data Analysts

Real Estate Managers

Risk and Compliance Managers

Social Media Agents

Strategic Growth Managers

Strategic Planners

Strategy Managers

Supply Chain Project Managers

Swisscom Academy Trainers

Tax Managers

Training & Learning Coordinators

Training Specialists

Treasury Administrators & Specialist

Vocational Trainer

An insight into our work

In Corporate Functions, we help our partners in the business units to keep moving forward. By working together, we make a difference.

The Swisscom of tomorrow

Where will Swisscom be in two, four or six years? This is the focus for our Strategy Managers. Their role is to open up new business areas for digitisation and show how Swisscom can drive the transformation forward. Visionary and courageous, always with the best customer experience in mind. The goal: for Swisscom to remain number 1.

Best customer experience

We deliver individual customer experiences online and offline for residential and business customers – with passion and dedication. Our marketing concepts and campaigns are emotional and inspiring. We aim to focus fully on our customers across every channel and deliver big moments.

HR goes digital

We ensure that people remain the focus. As part of this, we are driving forward the digitisation of end-to-end services. Whether in recruitment, sourcing, onboarding, learning platforms, performance management or personal development; we want our services to be accessible to everyone all the time, without neglecting the personal touch. We don’t shy away from trying out new ways of working within the HR department either.

To the point

Whether it's the logo, the brand, the text, the images and the messages – our job is to give Swisscom substance and to present it as it is: authentic, open and respectful. In both the digital and analogue world – from press releases, cover stories and online reports on the Swisscom website and intranet site through to social media and media posts – our goal is to speak with one voice internally and externally.

Focus on figures

In a dynamic market which has changed greatly over the past decade, Swisscom has seen a shift in its core business. We need people who understand the financial risks and opportunities, who are able to control cost management and draw up the budgets. Governance and risk & compliance work closely together here. We were the first Swiss company listed on the stock exchange to successfully place a green bond of over 500 million euros.

Fair and sustainable

We source the products and services that our customers and employees want; in exceptional quality, at competitive prices and from the right place. Digitised processes and clear governance are integral to this. It is important to us that purchasing, distribution and sales are perfectly coordinated. Our goal is to ensure sustainable supplier relationship management.

We’ve got your back

Forward thinkers, organisers, supporters, people who get the job done and take the strain: all corporate functions and business units need people who work in the background, the enablers who take care of things. Dedicated, trustworthy and curious – entirely in the spirit of our Swisscom values. Our goal is to give everyone the support they need to focus on creating new things.

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