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Non-ionising radiation

Date Title published in
January 2022 NIRO at IEEE/ICES TC95 Subcommittee 1 Spatial averaging field strength measurements (PDF, 1.6 MB)   IEEE/ICES TC95
January 2016 IT’IS Foundation, Dosimetric Assessment of the Kathrein In-Ground-Antenna (TN: 80010233 / SN: D714407561) in accordance with the IEC 62209-2 Ed. 1 (PDF, 6.2 MB)  
January 2016 IT’IS Foundation, Project 594B, Dosimetric Assessment of the Kathrein In-Ground-Antenna (TN: 80010233 / SN: D714407561) (Numerical Study) (PDF, 3.9 MB)
February 2012 Head exposure system for a human provocation study to assess the possible influence of UMTS-like electromagnetic fields on cerebral blood circulation using near-infrared imaging Bioelectromagnetics 33 (2) 124
January 2012 Assessment of intermittent UMTS electromagnetic field effects on blood circulation in the hu-man auditory region using a near-infrared imaging system Bioelectromagnetics 33 (1) 40
May 2011 EMF measurements of LTE (PDF, 4.5 MB) COST BM0704
December 2010 Elektromagnetische Felder in der Umwelt: Risiko oder Nutzen? (PDF, 203 KB) Bulletin SFSN Nr. 99
September 2007 Reproducibility of GSM and UMTS EMF Measurement (PDF, 339 KB) EMC Zurich
April 2007 Mutagenicity of electromagnetic fields using the tradescantia micronucleus bioassay (PDF, 619 KB) EBEA 2007
April 2006 Benchmarking Personal Radiofrequency Exposimeters (PDF, 189 KB) COST281
April 2006 Exposure assessment of Non-ionising Radiation from 5 Hz to 3 GHz (PDF, 84 KB)
December 2005 EMV-Messungen in Wohnquartieren (PDF, 300 KB) comtec
September 2005 GSM-Mobilfunk mit EDGE (PDF, 49 KB) comtec
September 2004 General public exposure to electromagnetic field generated by mobile phone base strations - a simple model (PDF, 983 KB) COST281
January 2004 Software ermöglicht effiziente Feldstärkeprognosen (PDF, 251 KB) Bulletin SEV/VSE
July 2003 Messung der nichtionisierenden Strahlung bei UMTS-Mobilfunk-Basisstationen (PDF, 256 KB) comtec
August 2002 Indoor measurements of the electrical field close to mobile phone base stations (PDF, 174 KB) URSI
December 2001 On the measurement of electric fields (PDF, 361 KB) comtec
August 2001 Vergleichsmessungen zur Überprüfung der Messempfehlung für GSM-Basisstationen (PDF, 244 KB) SICTA

Electromagnetic compatibility


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