So long, 3G

Around 20 years ago, the third mobile generation, 3G, heralded the start of the mobile Internet age. What was once a ground-breaking mobile generation is now 20 years old and no longer efficiently meets the needs of today’s customers. By the end of 2025, therefore, Swisscom will switch off 3G completely, freeing up mobile network resources for more powerful, state-of-the-art technologies and ensuring that our network is fit for the future.

Good reasons for the 3G shutdown

A mobile phone journey through time

The first mobile phones hit the world almost 30 years ago. Within a short time they became the smartphones that have become an integral part of our everyday lives.

Frequently asked questions

Check out the latest FAQs on the mobile network modernisation.

Swisscom is planning to switch off 3G/UMTS at the end of 2025.

Residential customers:
Take your smartphone to a Shop or contact us via the hotline, so that we can look at your device together and see if it’s ready for the future.

Business customers:
Please get in touch with your contact person at Swisscom so that we can discuss the next steps together. Please start replacement planning early to avoid bottlenecks in equipment availability, required resources and budgets. 

Third party customers:
Approach your suppliers and discuss the possible solutions with them.

The newer devices that are enabled for 4G or higher also support VoLTE telephony. If VoLTE telephony is not activated on your device, you can do this under “Settings - Mobile Networks - VoLTE Calls” or by searching in Settings.

If it is not clear whether your device is VoLTE-enabled, you can test it. If your device displays 4G but this disappears when you make a call, then VoLTE is not switched on or your device is not VoLTE-enabled.


We recommend devices based on the latest technology, currently with 4G and 5G support. At present, there are no plans to phase out 4G or 5G.

An envelope with a mobile phone inside is put into a Mobile-Aid collection box.

Donate your old mobile phones to children in need

Do you have a mobile phone you no longer need? It doesn’t matter whether it works or not: we will turn it into cash and donate the proceeds to SOS Children’s Villages..


On the move on Switzerland’s climate-neutral network

We have been using 100% renewable energy for our network since 2010.

Climate neutral

A mobile phone mast between trees in front of a mountain panorama