New services for SMEs

New services for SMEs from Swisscom

What can my IT system do and where is there potential for improvement? Swisscom’s ICT assessment will provide the answers to these questions. And with My Service Business, Swisscom now provides comprehensive technical support to SMEs and the self-employed.
Armin Schädeli
Armin Schädeli, Deputy Head of Media Relations
16 June 2020

Since lockdown, many SMEs have been working more digitally than ever before and engaging more intensively with digitisation. They are also asking themselves how well equipped their own IT environments are to meet the demands of the digital world. Swisscom’s ICT assessment will answer this question for you. The service is designed for SMEs and comprises a comprehensive analysis of the ICT (telephony and IT) environment. A team of Swisscom experts performs an inventory, identifying both potential areas for improvement and threats. The subsequent assessment report provides a summary of commercially independent recommendations. All this for a fixed price. An additional management presentation is also available as an optional extra. The ICT assessment is available now in German. The versions for French and Italian-speaking customers will be launched in autumn 2020.

Service package for SMEs and self-employed customers

In recent weeks, many SMEs have introduced home working as well as new digital tools. The growth in digital working practices brings with it new opportunities as well as additional tasks. Through My Service Business, Swisscom can reduce the technological burden, allowing SMEs and the self-employed to focus on their core business. The service package is designed for businesses of up to six employees and provides comprehensive support for all office equipment (PCs, smartphones, printers), operating systems, and Microsoft 365 applications. This includes configuring applications, backing up and synchronising data, and providing technical support in the Swisscom Shop, via the hotline or online.


“The SME market has witnessed a veritable explosion in digitisation over recent weeks. We have all seen what is suddenly possible when we embrace a digital approach. However, many SMEs have a lot of IT-related questions. This is where we can step in to provide expert help and support,” says Reto Baschera, Head of Swisscom’s SME division.


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