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CSIRT Rapid Response – professional assistance in the event of cyber attacks

There is no such thing as 100% protection against a cyber attack. So if a cyber attack does occur, it is vital to initiate effective countermeasures rapidly. For such emergencies, Swisscom’s CSIRT Rapid Response experts are on hand 24/7 to help companies and authorities.

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Hardly a day goes by without a cyber attack being reported in the media. Anyone can be a victim: private individuals, SMEs, major corporations or even entire governments. Which makes it all the more important to act quickly and stop any attacks. This is where Swisscom’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) comes in. The team’s experienced security specialists are available around the clock to Swiss companies and authorities that have fallen victim to a cyber attack, and they immediately provide fast, professional assistance.

Better defence against cyber attacks

As soon as a confirmed attack is reported by a customer, Swisscom Incident Managers and Responders analyse the attack vectors and contain the systems affected. They help customers to remove malware and restore operations. In addition, CSIRT Rapid Response experts assist customers in filing criminal complaints and submitting evidence. The entire operation is logged and summarised in a final report, including recommendations, in order to make the relevant improvements to the company’s security system. The CSIRT Rapid Response Service is available to all authorities and companies in Switzerland – whether they are Swisscom customers or not. This support is entirely on demand and does not require an existing contract.

Detecting cyber attacks faster

Network Detection & Response as a Service (NDRaaS) is also new in the Swisscom Security Portfolio. NDRaaS uses powerful and advanced AI algorithms to reliably secure corporate networks. Companies receive real-time information about the individual threat situation. Cyber attacks can thus be swiftly identified and resolved. Accordingly, the focus is on maximum visibility across all network activities.

Cyber security services from Swisscom

However well prepared a company might be, cyber attacks cannot be completely avoided. “On average, it takes 21 days¹ for a company to notice an attack, and it will be affected for at least a week afterwards.² As a leading provider of cyber security, we are building on this with CSIRT Rapid Response and Network Detection & Response as a Service to provide companies with even better and, above all, faster support in the fight against cyber crime,” says Cyrill Peter, Head of Cyber Security Services at Swisscom.

Swisscom ensures security for Swiss companies and their customers – worldwide. For companies and public authorities, Swisscom offers a comprehensive portfolio of Managed Security Services for Threat Detection & Response, Network & Cloud Security, Data & Content Security and Endpoint & Application Security. In addition, Swisscom is responsible for security consulting and system integration. Swisscom is also takes care of IT security for its SME customers and is continuously expanding its portfolio to meet this target group’s needs.

¹2022, Mandiant's M-Trends
²2021, IDC FutureScape

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