Swisscom Home app switch-off 

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The Home app has been discontinued. You can now find Internet & WLAN features in My Swisscom and use the individual manufacturer apps to control smart devices. 

Home app features now in My Swisscom  

Swisscom has deactivated the Home app and Smart Home controls. You can now find the features and settings for your Internet, WLAN and device set-up in My Swisscom (app and web). In the future, you will be able to control your Smart Home devices using the individual manufacturer apps.

Internet & WLAN

You can now adjust almost all Internet and WLAN settings in the My Swisscom app: 

  • Device list (list of your connected devices at home) 
  • WLAN settings and WLAN-Passwort
  • Guest WLAN 
  • Setting up parental controls 
  • Speed test for Internet connection
  • Internet Mobile Connect  
  • Speed test for WLAN
  • Importing contacts into the phone book of the Internet-Box

Due to declining user numbers and more popular cloud solutions, the central storage function (NAS) will no longer be offered through the Internet-Box USB port. However, it is still possible to operate an NAS solution (separate device) from a third-party provider in the home network. You can also use the Swisscom myCloud online storage. Users of the NAS function will be contacted personally with a myCloud offer by 01.03.2023.

After the feature has been deactivated, please remove the USB drive from the Internet-Box. 

Smart Home

You can no longer use the Home app to control your Smart Home devices. The rules and scenes functions will not be available either. You should use the smart home apps provided by the device manufacturers and store any scenes and rules you use there instead. 

If your switch is already connected, you can add it in the myStrom App(opens in new tab). If you have not yet connected your switch, you must first connect it to the Internet-Box. The LED of the Smart Switch shows a steady white light if the connection is successful. If not, press and hold the button on the switch for five seconds until the LED flashes white. Now also press the + button on the Internet-Box or WLAN-Box, depending on which device is closer to the Smart Switch. Wait for 2 minutes. The Internet-Box now connects and checks whether your switch needs an update, and installs it automatically if necessary. You can then add your switch in the app. 

You can no longer use the Home app to control your Swisscom TV-Box. The programmed Smart Home colour buttons will no longer function either (e.g. Smart Home scene). You can still switch the TV-Box on or off and control it with the blue TV app. 

The manufacturer of the QBee camera stopped maintaining the product some time ago. For this reason, it will not be possible to control the QBee camera with the manufacturer app. Once the Home app has been retired, the QBee camera will no longer be supported by Swisscom either. As a replacement, we are offering a discount on the Arlo XL Essential Spotlight Camera. The offer is only valid in February and when you return your Qbee camera to the shop. If you have not yet been contacted personally, you will receive details of the offer in your local shop.

You will be able to use the following apps to control your smart home products in the future (sorted by device manufacturer): 

You can no longer control your Smart Home devices using the Swisscom Voice Assistant. Advanced voice assistant features, such as router settings, myCloud, blue News and Spotify will also be discontinued. The features for controlling the TV (including YouTube and weather) will remain. 

You can deactivate the voice assistant directly in your TV settings or switch off the microphone on the Swisscom Box with the toggle switch. In the future, you will be able to see the voice assistant transcripts in My Swisscom (web). 


The telephony functions in the Home app have been discontinued. To receive landline calls on your mobile phone in the future, you can set up call forwarding or simultaneous ringing. Outgoing landline calls from your mobile phone are no longer supported. 

If you have an Internet-Box 2, 3 or 4, the “Copy contacts” feature is now available in My Swisscom. 

Device set-up 

You can set up your Swisscom devices such as an Internet-Box, WLAN-Box or Swisscom Box in the My Swisscom app. For the Internet-Box and WLAN-Box, go to: My products > Internet > Instructions for set-up. To set up your Swisscom TV-Box, go to: To set up your Swisscom TV-Box, go to: My products > TV > Set-up TV-Box 

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