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Faxing with fixed network telephony (IP)

You can still continue to fax with fixed network telephony (IP). Insert the fax device and the fixed-network telephone directly into the router. Note that the maximum possible transmission speed for fax with fixed network telephony (IP) is 14,400 bit/s.

We recommend that you connect the fax to a separate telephone number so that your device can accept incoming faxes directly.

Rectifying faults

If you have problems sending or receiving fax documents, check the following:

  • Deactivate error correction mode (ECM) on your fax device.
  • Reset the sending speed to 9,600 bit/s. This increases the probability of your fax successfully transmitting the document.
  • Check the parameters of the analogue connection on the fax device. You will find these in the fax documentation/specification.
  • The country setting must be set to “Switzerland”.
  • Impedance should be set to “complex impedance” and not 600 Ohm
  • Frequency dialling: Your fax must be set to tone-dialling operation or DTMF. Impulse dial, also known as Decadic Dialling is no longer supported.



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