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Storing and synchronising contacts centrally

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Learn how to store your contacts in the main phone book and link to your macOS address book or use a plugin to link to Windows Outlook.

Storing contacts centrally

You can either store and manage your contacts directly on the cordless HD-Phone or centrally on your router. This ensures that all of your contacts are stored in a safe place, even if you change your phone.

Managing contacts

With an Internet-Box

With a Centro Business 2.0

With Smart Business Connect

Look up contacts

With an Internet-Box

With a Centro Business 2.0

With Smart Business Connect

Synchronising contacts

Synchronise your main phone book and connect contacts with your Windows Outlook or macOS contacts. Your contacts will then all be listed in Outlook/macOS well as on your phones.


The Business Telephony and Business Communication mobile app does not support contact synchronisation of the main phone book because the LDAP interface for contact lookup is not supported. Your alternative

Windows Outlook Plugin

Downloading the plugin

  1. To download, go to this page.
  2. Click Download and follow the instructions of your Internet browser.
  3. Close Outlook before starting the installation.


Requirement: Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 operating system and Outlook version 2013 or higher. Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 8 are not supported because .NET Framework 4.8 is set as a minimum requirement.

Language settings

  • Schritt 1

    Following successful installation, you will see a new card "CalDav Synchronizer".

    Schritt 2

    Select General Options.

  • Schritt 3

    Go to UI Settings and select your language. Then click OK.

Create Swisscom phone book

  • Schritt 1

    Choose "Synchronization Profiles".

    Schritt 2

    Click "+" to create a new profile.

  • Schritt 3

    Select Swisscom and click OK.

    Schritt 4

    Enter a name for the phone book and select a local Outlook folder whose contacts are to be synchronized with the central phone book. Then click on "Swisscom Login" and log in.

  • Schritt 5

    Accept the T&Cs and click "Authorise".

    Swisscom recommends that the local Outlook folder be administered by just one authorised person.

    Schritt 6

    If you have more than one location, select the location where you want to allow the authorisation. This will synchronise your phonebook contacts with the selected Outlook folder. Close all windows to continue.To select a different location later, a new synchronisation profile must be created. If your product is a Smart Business Connect, this will not be displayed. No location selection is necessary.

  • Schritt 6

    Note: The first time you run ‘Synchronize now’ should be using an empty local Outlook folder. Otherwise, entries in your existing address book will be duplicated as a result of the synchronisation.

macOS address book

Requirements: macOS Mojave 10.14 operating system or higher

  • Schritt 1

    Under system settings, you will see a new Internet account called “CardDav Account”. Please select it.

    Schritt 2

    Fill in the blank fields with your details from My Swisscom or the Smart Business Connect portal (log in with your user ). In the Smart Business Connect portal the information is shown as soon as you create a CardDAV account under “My Business Number” -> “Personal Address Book” -> “Mac OS”.

  • Schritt 3

    Check under “Display” that groups are visible – it will say “Hide group” if this is the case.

    Schritt 4

    The attributes “First name”, “Last name”, “Mobile”, “Private” and “Work” will be synchronised.

Entry in the telephone book

Would you like people to be able to look you up in the public phone book? An entry in the official directory ensures your phone number and address are listed in both the printed and electronic phone book. You can register your number and address online and edit or add to the entry at any time (e.g. when you change address, get married, have children etc.).


Deactivate address updating in My Swisscom to prevent your address being passed on to third parties.



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