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Protection from dangerous Internet websites

Internet Guard

Internet Guard provides basic protection for all Internet users in Swisscom networks* (fixed network, mobile network and public or private WLAN). This includes visitors who use your home network as guests and users who surf on Swisscom Hotspots. Internet Guard also protects devices that do not have security software, such as tablets, games consoles or TVs. You don’t have to install anything on your devices to use Internet Guard. However, we do recommend that you use a suitable anti-virus program for your device in addition.


Internet Guard warns you before you access dangerous websites. This includes websites that pose a malware risk (containing viruses, Trojans or worms etc. that could infect your device) or those that attempt to access your confidential data (phishing) or have fraudulent intent.

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* Internet Guard is already active on the Swisscom fixed network and is being rolled out gradually across the Swisscom mobile network and Swisscom hotspots over the course of Q3/Q4 2018.



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