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Safer surfing with Internet Guard

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Internet Guard warns you of dangerous websites when surfing the Swisscom net, protecting you from viruses etc.

How does Internet Guard protect you?

Internet Guard warns you before you access dangerous websites. This includes websites that pose a malware risk (containing viruses, Trojans or worms etc. that could infect your device) or those that attempt to access your confidential data (phishing) or have fraudulent intent.


Internet Guard provides network-based protection for all Internet users in Swisscom networks (fixed network, mobile network and public or private WLAN). This includes visitors who use the home network as guests and users who surf on Swisscom Hotspots. Internet Guard also protects devices that do not have security software, such as tablets, games consoles or TVs. You don’t have to install anything on your devices to use Internet Guard. However, we do recommend that you also use a suitable anti-virus program for your device, such as Swisscom Internet Security.


Internet Guard does not provide protection if

  • You surf on third-party networks or public hotspots that are not operated by Swisscom.
  • Your device becomes infected by other means (USB stick, Bluetooth etc.)
  • You download a file with malicious content.
  • Your device is already infected by malware.

To find out if you are currently protected, visit a safe test website . If you see the warning “Dangerous website blocked”, you are protected by Internet Guard. If your connection is not protected, you will see the message “Internet Guard is not active”.


Internet Guard issues a warning about dangerous websites that can be accessed without encryption (http). If a website is accessed using encryption (https), it will not display a warning page. Instead, your browser notifies you that the website cannot be accessed or is unavailable.


The service operates on the basis of our own and third-party black lists, which are stored on our domain name server.


In the following cases, Internet Guard may not warn you of a dangerous website.

  • Internet Guard is not yet aware of a new dangerous website.
  • You are not surfing on the Swisscom network.
  • You have knowingly or unknowingly configured your device or home network router with a DNS (domain name server) different to Swisscom.
  • You have opened a subpage for which warnings cannot be issued under certain circumstances.
  • Swisscom may briefly deactivate the Internet Guard service fully or partially for maintenance purposes and is unable to advise you of these interruptions.

If you want to continue to a website that Internet Guard has issued a warning about, select “Access blocked website anyway”. However, you will need to temporarily allow cookies and JavaScript for the warning page and you cannot use the private browsing mode on your browser. We advise against opening websites that you have been warned about because malware can be installed on your device simply by visiting a dangerous website.

Notifying us of websites

It is possible that our security provider may class a website as dangerous as a precaution. It is also possible that you may have been forwarded from the safe website to dangerous websites. This is also classed as a risk.


If you know that a website is safe, you can notify us about it using the "Notify us of a safe website" form. Please note, however, that your notification does not automatically mean that a warning will no longer be issued for this website.


Conversely, if you wish to notify us of websites that you believe to be fraudulent (phishing or scams), websites containing malware (viruses, Trojans etc.) or websites that exploit device vulnerabilities, please e-mail us directly at

Remove viruses from your PC

If your computer has been infected with a virus, you should do two things: first, disconnect your computer from the network immediately and remove any external storage media. Follow a step-by-step disaster recovery plan.


Go to disaster recovery plan

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