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Renew your mobile subscription

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Renew your subscription, save money on your mobile phone purchase and donate your old device.

When can I renew?

In the customer center you can see when you can extend your contract.

  1. Log in to the customer center and click under "My products and services" on the subscription you would like to extend.
  2. If you are able to renew your contract, you will see a blue ‘Discover devices’ button. If this button is not displayed, you are not currently able to renew your contract.

Beispiel Darstellung aus dem Kundencenter

You can't see the links? If you have bills with expired payment terms, the links will not be displayed: settle your outstanding bills. Likewise, the links will not be displayed, if you can not yet extend your contract.

Buy phone with renewal

Swisscom is offering time-limited device deals with subscription renewals.

Calculate the price for your new cell phone with an extended contract:  

  1. Visit 

    You can only see your personal device price as of the date the extension of your contract will be possible.
  2. Select a device
  3. Click on "Extend contract"
  4. Log in with your Swisscom login
  5. Select a device color and memory. 

    Even if you already select the desired subscription and supscription period, the price displayed is not yet the correct price of the device.
  6. Click on "order"
  7. On the right-hand side you can now see the price of the device and the monthly subscription costs.

Sell/donate your old mobile phone

Your old mobile phone is still worth something. You can donate your mobile phone to a good cause through Mobile Aid or enjoy a credit on your invoice – or as a bank transfer – with Mobile Bonus.



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