The new blue
Internet subscriptions

The new blue Internet subscriptions

Our blue Internet subscriptions

Compare our Internet subscriptions and benefit from free Internet security, a free router and free online storage for your photos and videos.

blue Internet

Tailored to you

  • Max. 10 Gbit/s upload and download
  • Free WLAN router worth 199.–
  • The biggest fibre optic network in Switzerland
  • Manage everything online with Simply Digital and save 10.– each month

From 54.90/mth with Simply Digital

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Compare the Internet speeds and find the right product for you.

Download game
Download software update
Upload photo album
Download game (25GB) Download software update (10GB) Upload photo album (1GB)

Internet S (100 Mbit/s)
Internet M (1 Gbit/s)
Internet L (10 Gbit/s)

Simply Digital – online instead of hotline

Your first port of call – the digital assistant

Our digital assistant Sam will respond to all your enquiries at any time over chat. If Sam is ever unable to assist, you can access Swisscom Support via chat, on the hotline or at a Swisscom Shop.

Always report enquiries online first

Your enquiry always has to be reported first on the My Swisscom app or online on, rather than turning directly to our hotline or in-store advisors.

Save every month with Simply Digital

Enjoy a monthly discount of CHF 10.– on any mobile and Internet subscription.

 The network for Switzerland.
Climate neutral already.

We are expanding our network in the city, in the countryside and everywhere in between to give every individual in Switzerland the same opportunities. Fast, sustainable, secure and ready for the future.

Connect Testsieger

It’s the hardware that counts

Super-fast WLAN

With Wi-Fi 6 Standard, 4x4 antennas and up to 4.7 Gbit, the Internet-Box is ready for top performance.

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Connect your home

Enjoy Internet and TV without cable clutter, plus uninterrupted WLAN in every room.

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Surf the Internet securely

One thing is sure: cyber security is increasingly important. But something else is even surer: our flexible security options that effectively protect you and your family from viruses, hackers, identity theft, device damage and in litigation.

You’ve chosen the

No. 1

Good for the environment

The network that is fully powered by renewable energy. We offset all residual CO2 emissions.

Good for people

We help people to simply use the opportunities of the networked world.

Good for Switzerland

The best mobile network in the country with the biggest fibre-optic network.