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Internet mit blue TV kombinieren?

Für nur 4.90/Mt. mehr können Sie Ihr neues Internet-Abo mit blue TV erweitern.

Frequently asked questions about the blue Internet subscription

Your Internet subscription has been changed automatically – you are now enjoying even faster speeds. Find out everything you need to know about the Internet subscriptions here.  

Existing customers can only benefit from the subscription offer by taking out a new blue home subscription for another location.   

Yes, you can adjust the blue Internet subscription at any time via My Swisscom Customer Centre.

The contractual term for Swisscom’s blue Internet subscriptions is 12 to 36 months, depending on the product.

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After expiry of the minimum contract period, you can cancel your blue Internet S/M/L at the end of any month under observance of a two-month notice period. You will find the minimum contract period of your subscription in My Swisscom.

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  • Climate-neutral subscriptions require a climate-neutral network (mobile and fixed-telephone network) and climate-neutral devices (Internet boxes, TV boxes, WLAN boxes and smartphones).
  • The Swisscom network is climate-neutral: Swisscom has been operating its entire network with 100% renewable energy for over 10 years and generates some of the electricity it consumes itself thanks to its 87 photovoltaic plants. By continuously modernising the technology and increasing energy efficiency, we have also been able to reduce CO2 emissions from operations by over 80% since 1990. All these measures result in fewer CO2 emissions. We offset all residual CO2 emissions that we cannot reduce ourselves.
  • Devices are climate-neutral: Swisscom’s own products such as Internet and TV boxes have been climate-neutral since 2020. This is due to more efficient production and optimised packaging. We do not produce smartphones ourselves, but we fully offset the CO2 emissions generated during production, transport and use on behalf of our customers. Offsetting means that CO2 emissions are prevented or removed from the atmosphere by investing in climate protection projects to reduce an equivalent quantity of emissions elsewhere. Swisscom supports various recognised climate protection projects. 
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Best broadband network

Award for the best 10 Gbit/s fibre optic network in Switzerland.


All subscriptions purchased from Swisscom are climate-neutral – at no extra cost to you.