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Switching offer for new customers

You would like to switch to Swisscom now, but are still with another provider? No problem. With the switch offer, we will cover the costs of up to 500.- if you switch early.

More about the offer

Step 1
Choose the right mobile subscription for you

Select the blue mobile subscription you want online and place an order, with or without a new mobile phone. During the order process, enter the phone number from your subscription with your current provider.

Do you currently use a prepaid product? Switch now and receive a half-price mobile subscription.

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Step 2
Complete the porting form

  • You will come to an electronic porting form during the order process. You can complete this at the time or later online and send it to Swisscom.
  • As soon as Swisscom receives the porting form, we will advise you by e-mail or letter as to when you will receive your SIM.

Step 3
Upload your final bill

Swisscom takes care of all the formalities and covers your outstanding costs up to 500.–. After you have paid the final bill from your provider, upload a copy on this page. The information we send you will include the link to the website.

Once we have checked the uploaded documents, we will refund you the costs up to 500.– through credit on your next 12 Swisscom bills.

  Tip: If you open this page on your mobile phone, you can take a picture of the bill and upload it directly.

Everything about the switch offer

The Swisscom switch offer lets you to enjoy the benefits of blue mobile subscriptions any time. If you change provider and keep your number (porting), we will reimburse you for any switching costs up to 500.–. Once you have sent us the final bill, we will credit the amount to your Swisscom mobile bill, spread over the next 12 months.

The switch offer enables individual customers or entire households, irrespective of possible contractual terms with other providers, to enjoy blue mobile and take advantage of its benefits. Switching costs are repaid for early number porting when a contract is signed for blue mobile S, M or L for 12 months (excl. porting from Coop Mobile, M-Budget and Wingo).

Switching costs are the costs incurred when you terminate a contract before the end of the minimum contract period (usually 12 months). In the case of early termination of contract, costs generally consist of the remaining subscription fees or device instalments (number of months until the end of the contract times subscription fee or device instalments). An administrative fee might be added depending on the provider.

Yes, the costs for device instalments are included in the reimbursement. A porting request or the termination of a subscription for a device paid in instalments automatically raises a final bill for the device paid in instalments.

You must pay the final bill as soon as it is received. For reimbursement, upload a full copy of the bill to this page ( or send a copy to: 

Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd


P.O. Box

4601 Olten

Certain providers (e.g. UPC Sunrise) continue to send monthly bills until the end of the contract period instead of a final bill. If you do not have a final bill, please upload a monthly bill as well as the termination confirmation. This will enable Swisscom to calculate the amount of the refund, which will be credited to your Swisscom bill, spread over the next 12 months. Please pay the monthly bills of your previous provider until the end.

You will only benefit from the switching offer if you leave your contract with your current provider early. When porting, therefore, you should enter your desired date (possible online after 30 days at the earliest) and not “at the end of the contract term”.

es, the repayment will only be made if the following criteria are met:

  • Porting request within the valid period
  • Contract agreement of 12 months with a blue mobile S, M or L flat.
  • No porting from M-Budget, Coop Mobile or Wingo
  • Correct and due transfer of the full final bill to Swisscom (no later than 3 months after signing the contract)

The monthly credit usually starts with the next bill. If the final bill is submitted towards the end of the month, we cannot guarantee credit on the next bill. This first credit is then applied to the bill after that.
The first credit is applied pro rata based on the number of days from the date the Swisscom contract commences until the end of the month. The balance of the first credit will be credited to the invoice with the last repayment of the switch costs.

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