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Perfect for back to school

Nokia G50 for 199.– instead of 269.–

inOne mobile prepaid young

The prepaid offer for parents and children. inOne mobile prepaid young gives your child a cost-effective introduction to mobile communication. You stay in charge of the costs – and stay connected.

Order prepaid easily with or without device online.Activation CHF 19.90, including CHF 20.- credit.
Personal registration with a valid passport or identity card required in any k kiosk, Press & Books or Swisscom Shop. The purchase or registration of multiple SIM cards in the same person's name can be refused.

Price per 30 days


 prepaid young free for 1 month*

  • Unlimited chatting and surfing

    Whether chatting with WhatApp or simply surfing - 500 MB of data with high-speed then unlimited at 128 kbit/s.

    Unlimited calls

    Unlimited calls to 5 Swisscom numbers in Switzerland.

    Combine and benefit


    500 MB additional data volume per month thanks to the inOne family benefit

  • Can be extended individually and flexibly

    inOne mobile prepaid young can be flexibly extended at any time with further options and data packages.

    Send unlimited SMS/MMS

    Included with inOne mobile prepaid young: unlimited SMS/MMS – in Switzerland and abroad.


  • Make unlimited calls in Switzerland to 5 Swisscom telephone numbers.
  • 500 MB high-speed data allowance included, thereafter unlimited continued surfing in Switzerland with 128 kbit/s.
  • Send unlimited SMS/MMS messages in Switzerland and abroad.
  • Automatically renewed after 30 days.


  • The inOne mobile prepaid kids package is available to all children and young people between the ages of 7 and 18.
  • inOne mobile prepaid young is a prepaid additional package, which can be purchased together with the inOne mobile prepaid tariff.
  • The 5 free numbers selected must be Swisscom mobile or fixed-network numbers.Value-added services and special numbers excluded.


Tariffs in Switzerland

Tariffs outside of Switzerland

Tariff in other countries

Callfilter and number blocking

The free Callfilter stops calls from suspicious call centres by blocking numbers that meet specific criteria.


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As sponsor you can adjust and deactivate inOne mobile prepaid young for your child per free SMS. A sponsor is not obligatory.A sponsor must have a Swisscom residential mobile subscription (not valid for NATEL® data) and be at least 18 years of age. On the first day of the month, a set amount (at least CHF 10) will be automatically credited to the child's credit balance and debited from the sponsor’s (parent's) mobile bill. Corporate business connections and Corporate Mobile Network (CMN) connections are excluded.

  SMS text to 444
Activate monthly sponsoring START SPONSOR «child’s mobile phone number» «Amount» START SPONSOR 0791234567 30
Deactivate monthly sponsoring STOP SPONSOR «child’s mobile phone number»STOP SPONSOR 0791234567
Change the sponsor’s monthly credit START SPONSOR «child’s mobile phone number» «Amount» START SPONSOR 0791234567 20
One-off extra credit
(at least CHF 5.–)
PAYMENT «child’s mobile phone number» «Amount» PAYMENT 0791234567 30
Information on activated sponsorings CHECK SPONSORCHECK SPONSOR

Options and data packages

The right option for every requirement: inOne mobile prepaid young can be flexibly extended at any time with further telephony, data, speed and international options/packages.


Go to options/packages


You can check or top up your credit in the Cockpit at any time – and book combi and data packages. You can access the cockpit for free worldwide, even if you have no credit left. 


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Legal notice

The inOne mobile prepaid young package is valid for 30 calendar days and is automatically renewed at midnight upon expiry of the 30 days, provided sufficient credit is available (e.g. purchase at 17.00 on 5.02.2021, valid until 4.03.2021 at 00.00). If there is insufficient credit available at the time of automatic renewal, package renewal will be temporarily suspended and usage will be billed at the basic tariff. As soon as sufficient credit is available, automatic renewal will be re-activated and the package price will be deducted from the credit. Automatic renewal of inOne mobile prepaid young can be deactivated at

Services that are not included (e. g. calls to not included numbers) will be charged at the basic tariff (e.g. calls at 29 centimes/min.). If the high-speed data allowance (500 MB) is used up before expiry of the 30-day period, unlimited further surfing is possible with a reduced speed of 128 kbit/s or an additional high-speed data package can be purchased.

During the bundled package’s validity period (30 days), the first change to an inclusive number is free of charge. Each subsequent change costs CHF 2.– and will be subtracted from your credit.

If the data unit allowance is not used up within the validity period, it will be forfeited. The data unit allowance is valid in the Swisscom mobile network (CH and LI).

The unit allowance for SMS and MMS includes sending within Switzerland and from Switzerland to other countries. Excludes chargeable SMS/MMS services.

Switching to another package can be arranged at any time, but the new package will not be activated until after the validity period of the currently active package has expired.

The inOne mobile prepaid young tariff is valid for normal personal use. Swisscom reserves the right to curtail or restrict the service or take other appropriate steps if it can prove that usage considerably exceeds normal levels, or if there are justified indications that the SIM is being used for special applications (e.g. surveillance, machine-to-machine, direct dial and continuous connections).


More info

* When the inOne mobile prepaid young package is activated by 04.09.2022, we’ll give you CHF 9.90 to cover the first 30 days of your inOne mobile prepaid young package. The inOne mobile prepaid young package is only available to customers aged between 7 and 18. Existing inOne mobile prepaid kids customers are excluded from this promotion. Each person can only benefit once from the promotion. The package is automatically renewed, for which the standard price applies. You can deactivate automatic renewal of the package at any time at