Universal service: telephony and Internet for every household

Universal service ensures that the whole of Switzerland has access to the fixed-telephone network and broadband Internet. In addition, Swisscom provides every household with fixed-line access and a free listing in the telephone directory, as well as Internet access with a free router. Find out more about services and options.

What does the term ‘universal service’ mean?

The purpose of the Federal Office of Communications’ universal service is to guarantee that every Swiss household has access to telephony and Internet services. Having been awarded the universal service licence, Swisscom provides fixed network telephony (IP) and broadband Internet as a rule with a minimum download speed of 10 Mbit/s and an upload speed of 1 Mbit/s.The connection speed may be reduced for technical or economic reasons. The DSL technology mainly used by the universal service licensee to provide a broadband connection sometimes comes up against technical limits, for example when the distance between the subscriber and the telephone exchange is too great. Furthermore, in some regions the provision of a DSL line may involve substantial investment.


More on universal service from OFCOM

Telephony offers

Swisscom Line basic

Option: 2 additional phone numbers

Internet offers

Swisscom Internet basic

Swisscom Internet basic with Internet-Booster

Combination of Internet and telephony

Swisscom Internet basic + Swisscom Line basic

Swisscom Internet basic with Internet-Booster + Swisscom Line basic

Mobile or satellite Internet

For approximately two percent of homes, it is not possible to provide Internet access with the required minimum transmission speed. To guarantee universal service provision for these homes in spite of this, Swisscom offers a mobile and satellite solution. Swisscom provides the equipment required for quick and easy installation. For further information, call the free hotline on 0800 800 800.

Mobile solution

Internet access via the mobile network is quick and easy to install. The antenna providing Internet access through the mobile network is installed outside the building in the location with the best reception.

Satellite solution

The two-way satellite solution can usually be installed quickly and easily. In some communities, a building permit is required for the installation of satellite equipment. Please check whether this is necessary in your community. We will be happy to provide assistance with your project.

Continue to use ISDN telephones

Your ISDN device will continue to work with IP. With the Swisscom Line basic telephony package and the option for 2 additional phone numbers, you will receive a special router with an ISDN interface. This will enable you to keep your existing telephone. However, Swisscom advises against the use of ISDN telephones in combination with the new IP fixed network telephony since customers cannot benefit from all the advantages of IP telephony, such as HD Voice. Swisscom cannot guarantee that additional device-specific ISDN features and non-telephony ISDN devices, such as alarm systems, will work properly.

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