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An overview of the ports on the 5G Internet-Booster and
instructions for setting up your 5G receiver.

Device and ports

Download the PDF instructions for more information about the 5G Internet-Booster ports and buttons.

Internet Box Light

Setup and usage

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Instructions and energy consumption

Frequently Asked Questions

The 5G Internet-Booster must be installed outdoors. You can either attach the device to the outside of the window or to the window sill or balcony railing using the appropriate installation kit. This ensures the best mobile reception.

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LED flashes white:     Software update, please do not disconnect device from power.
LED flashes green: The device is booting up.
Steady green LED:    Good connection. You can install the 5G receiver on the window.
Steady yellow LED: OK connection. You can install the 5G receiver. Check whether you can
find a better connection at a different window (green signal).
Steady red LED: Poor connection. Select a different location for the installation.
LED flashes red: No connection. Select a different location for the installation.

The dimensions of the Nokia FastMile 5G Receiver are:

  • Height: 183 millimetres
  • Length: 110 millimetres
  • Depth: 35 millimetres

Additional technical details:

  • Weight: 0.45 kg
  • Network terminations: 5G New Radio (NR) 3GPP Release 15 and 4G/Long Term Evolution (LTE)

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