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Landline telephones & VoIP

Always in touch on the fixed-telephone network

Not every household today still has a landline telephone. In terms of features, however, they are certainly keeping pace with the times. For example, you can forward calls to the Combox if you are not at home. Or you can receive landline calls simultaneously on your mobile. Discover the HD phones from Swisscom, Gigaset, VTech and Yealink. 

Connected throughout the home

If you need Internet access in multiple rooms, you may require some accessories to boost your home network. One such accessory could be the Gigaset repeater, which extends the range of your HD phones, keeping you connected inside and out, even in remote rooms. The WLAN-Box increases your WLAN reception. It extends the range of your existing WLAN and allows you to connect the TV-Box to the Internet-Box wirelessly. For more information about improving your home networking, check out our guide.

Say goodbye to nuisance calls

Swisscom’s free Callfilter keeps nuisance calls at bay by automatically blocking fraudulent telephone numbers. Your phone also has a number of integrated functions to protect you. Read the accompanying guide to familiarise yourself with your HD phone. 

Voice Over IP: online via the fixed telephone network

Do you make calls online with your fixed-line telephone? Internet telephony with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) makes it possible. With a VoIP telephone, you combine the advantages of online telephony with the robustness of a fixed-line device. You will find compatible cables and adapters for your IP phone in our online shop. Please note: you can call any number with Swisscom Voice Over IP. The person you are calling does not need their own Voice Over IP telephone.