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 Works on all devices

 Automatically activated – no installation required

 Exclusively and free of charge from Swisscom

Surf more carefree with Internet Guard.

The Internet Guard from Swisscom warns you about dangerous websites that could attempt to access your data. The protection is free and always active when you surf via the Swisscom Internet connection at home, at work or via the mobile network. Internet Guard is now activated for private customers and SME.



Whenever you visit a potentially dangerous, unsecure website with Swisscom, Internet Guard will block the site and display a warning page with relevant details. You can then decide whether to continue to the site despite the risk.


warnings about phishing attempts.

Number of warnings January to September 2019

Internet Guard warns you about phishing and fraud.

It blocks websites that assume a false identity to attempt to gain fraudulent access to your online accounts. It also protects you from websites attempting to gain your trust, cause you financial loss, or misuse your data for fraudulent ends.


warnings about malwares.

Number of warnings January to September 2019

Internet Guard warns you about malware.

It blocks websites carrying malware such as viruses or Trojans. Viruses are self-replicating malicious programs that make changes to the operating system or other programs. Trojans transmit data, such as keystrokes for example, without the user’s knowledge.

Frequently asked questions

Check now to see if you are warned by Internet Guard.

We have prepared a risk-free test website for you to check whether Internet Guard is active. To run the test, you need to use a network protected by Internet Guard. Make sure that you access the Internet via your Swisscom Internet connection at home or use the Internet at your workplace. Internet Guard will warn you if you perform the test in the Swisscom network, otherwise an info page is displayed.

Internet Security

Internet Guard warns of dangerous websites. For full protection, we still recommend the use of an antivirus programme such as Internet Security.


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Enjoy carefree access to the digital world. Swisscom offers protection for devices, data and your loved ones.



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