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Saving energy

Our tips for saving energy

Give your TV-Box and your Internet-Box a break too. With a few little tricks, you can help save up to 180 GWh of electricity per year. That is the annual consumption of 40,000 households. You can find more information about our environmental and social commitment at

With the Swisscom TV box

Use the energy-saving options provided by our TV-Box to reduce energy consumption to a minimum. You can find all the consumption data and tips for using your TV-Box here.


Select your model The model name can be found:
- On your TV box: sticker on the bottom

Swisscom TV-Box IP1400 (04/2016 – today)

Swisscom TV-Box IP1200 (04/2014 – today)

With your Internet router

You can substantially reduce your Internet router’s energy consumption by automatically switching off the WLAN when not in use, and disconnecting from the power during longer periods of absence. You can find all the consumption data and tips for using your router here.


Select your model The model name can be found:
- On the modem: type label on the bottom
- In the Customer Center: setting up Internet/DSL router

Swisscom Internet-Box 2

Swisscom Internet-Box plus (10/2013 – today)

Swisscom Internet-Box standard (08/2015 – today)

Swisscom Internet-Box light (08/2015 – today)

How much can we save?

The over three million routers and two million TV boxes in Switzerland consume around 500 gigawatt-hours of electricity each year. When using the best available energy saving mode, around 180 gigawatt-hours can be saved per year. This is equivalent to the average energy consumed by 40,000 households.

If all Swiss homes switched off their devices when they went on holiday, it would provide an energy saving equivalent to the annual consumption.

Please visit the website of the information campaign of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy for information on this and other related topics.

Tip 1

Give it a rest

Give your TV-Box a well-earned rest when you don’t need it: at night when you are sleeping, for instance, or during the day when you are at work. You can switch the new Swisscom TV-Box off completely: it is fully operational in just 30 seconds. For older TV-Boxes you can programme times for the energy saving options. See the tips for your device for details.

Tip 2

Pull the plug before you go on holiday

We recommend that you unplug your Internet router and your TV-Box from the mains before you go on holiday. All the recording functions are available to you anytime with the new Swisscom TV 2.0 plus. If you still have the previous Swisscom TV plus (available until April 2014), you have to leave your TV-Box and your Internet router in standby mode to use the recording functions when you are on holiday.

Tip 3

Measure and save

With the Energy Control Switch you can easily switch connected devices on and off via the Internet, and also measure your power consumption. Sign up at for a free account. You will be surprised how much fun saving electricity can be.