Save energy: tips for your Swisscom devices

Internet and WLAN

In My Swisscom(opens in new tab), you determine when the WLAN automatically switches the Internet-Box off – for example overnight or when you are not at home.

If you do not need your Internet at home or are going to be away for an extended period, disconnect the router and its power supply unit from the power supply. Also disconnect any accessories that you use, such as WLAN-Box, Powerline devices, Ethernet switches or wireless telephones, from the power supply.

 Fixed network telephony, alarm systems, security cameras and other services only work when the router is switched on.

If you don’t need the WLAN because your devices are all connected to the Internet-Box by cable, then switch off the WLAN via the corresponding WLAN symbol on your Internet-Box.


If you don’t use your TV set regularly or if you want to reduce your power consumption, activate the energy-saving mode on the TV-Box (Swisscom Box 21 and TV Box 5 only). To do this, go to the TV menu under “TV-Box”  “Save energy”  “Standby”  “Energy-saving mode”.

This means it will take a little longer for the TV-Box to be ready for use when it is started up.

We recommend that you unplug your TV-Box from the mains before you go on holiday. Don’t worry, you won’t miss a thing: all programmed recordings will still take place.


Connect your devices to a smart plug like the myStrom WiFi Switch instead of directly to the socket. This allows you to switch the connected devices on and off easily via the myStrom app(opens in new tab) on your mobile phone and operate them with intelligent energy-saving functions.

All devices connected to the same power strip can be switched off at the touch of a button: a switched power strip makes it easier to save energy.

 We do not recommend connecting the router to a power strip.

When you purchase new household appliances, check the energy label to gauge the energy consumption. Energy efficiency classes range from A+++ to D, where A+++ (dark green) is the most efficient and D (red) the least. Find out more about the efficiency class of all appliances at in new tab).

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