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The Swiss television industry is introducing new forms of advertising for time-delayed television viewing. Find out what will change for you and how to avoid advertising on Replay.

New industry agreement

TV viewing has changed a lot in recent years. Growing numbers of people are using Replay and thus avoiding TV ads. To combat this, the TV channels have decided to introduce new forms of advertising for delayed viewing to keep Replay TV available to customers. 

As a result, a new common tariff (GT12) has been in force since 1 January 2022. It means all national and regional TV broadcasters (such as Swisscom, Sunrise or Zattoo) will thus have to introduce Replay advertising, from 4 October 2022. The advertising will be broadcast by 19 channels initially – mainly German-speaking Swiss and German commercial broadcasters. 

What will change for you?

The current  M, L and X TV subscription lets you watch TV content that has been broadcast up to 7 days previously, and thus also skip adverts. 

In the future, however, if you watch TV with a time delay (recordings, Live Pause and Replay TV), you will still see adverts. To avoid this, with blue TV M, L or X you can add the new Replay Comfort option(opens in new tab) for CHF 6.90/month that lets you watch Replay without advertising and can also skip ad breaks on a further 60 channels with one click. 

Frequently asked questions

In the future, these 19 channels will broadcast advertising with Replay:

  • 3+ 

  • 4+ 

  • 5+ 

  • 6+ 

  • NICK Schweiz/ 7+ Family 

  • S1 

  • TV24 

  • TV25

  • VOX


  • RTL


  • ProSieben

  • SAT.1

  • kabel eins

  • ProSieben MAXX

  • SAT. 1 GOLD

  • SIXX

  • Puls 8

All Swisscom TV subscriptions that include the 7-day Replay function will be affected. You will see Replay ads in the future with the following subscriptions:

  • blue TV M/L/X
  • Vivo TV plus
  • in One KMU office TV L
  • My KMU Office M/L with Swisscom TV 2.0 plus
  • Start ad: a 7-second commercial at the start of a Replay TV show or recording. A countdown at the bottom right of the screen shows how long is left. Start ads are shown a maximum of four times per hour.

  • Fast forward ad (FFA): max 130s commercials when you want to skip an ad break or jump forward in a Replay TV show or recording. Fast forward ads appear approximately twice per hour.

  • Pause ad: A static advertising image when you press pause (live and Replay TV).  

No, Replay ads will be displayed (probably from mid-November) on all devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, smart TV). 

If you would prefer not to see any ads and want to skip forward during your shows as usual, with blue TV M, L or X you can add the new Replay Comfort option(opens in new tab) for CHF 6.90/month in future. With this option, you can watch Replay without advertising and can also skip standard ad breaks on a further 60 channels with one click. 

Our tip: with blue Play you can enjoy films and TV content from well-known media libraries free of charge and without advertising. blue Play is automatically included in the blue TV M, L and X subscriptions.

You can subscribe to the option(opens in new tab) from 4.10.22 at the earliest – ideally directly on the TV screen, as soon as the first Replay ad appears. Only order the option when the Replay ad appears on your TV screen. This way you will avoid unnecessary costs.

You will need one of the following TV subscriptions to add the option:

  • blue TV M/L/X
  • Vivo TV plus
  • KMU office TV L

You can cancel the option with a notice period of 30 days at the end of the month – online in My Swisscom(opens in new tab), via the hotline or in the Shop. There is no minimum contract period.

With the introduction of the new common tariff (GT12), skipping forward is no longer available in TV subscriptions that include 30 hours of Replay. The TV providers are therefore required to change this service in the subscription. The change will take effect on 16 November.
The skip function will continue to work for recordings more than 30 hours old.

Due to the new common tariff (GT12), these two subscriptions no longer support fast-forwarding after a live pause.

The change comes into effect on 16 November.


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