Replay, skipping adverts and recordings

Use replay

Pause and rewind live TV or watch previously aired programmes and films up to 7 days later. You can do it all with the Replay function.

Activate Replay before using the function for the first time.

  1. Press the ‘Home’ button on your Swisscom TV remote control. 
  2. Select the cogwheel icon in the top left to access the settings. 
  3. Search the ‘Replay’ menu option. 
  4. Select the channel on which you want to activate Replay. 
  5. Go to ‘Activate Replay’.
  1. Press the ‘TV Guide’ button on your Swisscom remote control. 
  2. Select the programme that you would like to watch. 
  3. Select ‘Watch’.

Skip adverts 

All TV distributors in Switzerland have been required to show adverts on Replay TV since 2022. Therefore, if you want to fast-forward on certain TV channels, you will be shown short Replay adverts. Once these have finished playing, the commercial break is over and you can continue watching.

With the Replay Comfort option, you can use Replay completely ad-free. You can also skip ads with a click or even automatically. Add the option in My Swisscom («Active options» > «Adjust options» > «Skip advertisment»).

Add Replay Comfort(opens in new tab)


Use the Rec button on the Swisscom TV remote control or the ‘Rec’ button through the TV Guide to record a TV programme. Your recordings can be found in the TV menu.

The amount of storage space you have for recordings depends on your blue TV subscription.

You have 30 days in which to recover deleted recordings.

  1. Go to your recordings. Select ‘Manage recordings’. 
  2. Open the recycle bin top right. 
  3. Select the recordings that you wish to keep. Go to ‘Restore’. 
  4. The programme is now back in your recordings. Archived recordings are identified by a padlock symbol.

After two years, your recordings are automatically deleted, unless you archive the recording first.

  1. Go to ‘Recordings’ in the blue TV menu. 
  2. Select the recording in question and press ‘OK’. 
  3. Select ‘Archive’, or ‘Manage recording’ for a series, and then ‘Archive episode’.

The padlock icon  indicates that a recording has been archived.

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