Death: cancelling or transferring a contract

Notify us of a death

We are sorry for your loss and will assist you in cancelling or transferring the contract of the deceased quickly and easily.

To do this, you need:

  • Name and date of birth 
  • Address of all the connections/contracts 
  • Contract number or bill if at all possible 
  • Death certificate

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Contact us. We will ensure that you do not incur unexpected charges or delays.

​ We will call you

​ Cancel in writing

Take over subscription

For legal reasons, we need to see identification in person to transfer a mobile contract. To provide this, please take your valid ID Passport, CH-ID, permanent residence permit, temporary residence permit and the death certificate for the deceased into a Swisscom Shop.

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To transfer a fixed network, TV or Internet connection, call us or visit a Swisscom Shop.

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There is no need to cancel prepaid accounts because there is no contract with Swisscom.

If you would like to continue using the number, you can have it transferred to your name in a Swisscom Shop. The remaining credit will be transferred automatically. Please be aware that if you fail to use the number within 12 months, the account will be deactivated.

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Contact us even if you do not yet have the death certificate. You can also submit the certificate at a later date.

If the contract is being transferred, the death certificate must be available at the time of notification.

If you need the number for a few more days, you can request a specific date for the cancellation.

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We will cancel or transfer the contract immediately without notice periods or cancellation fees. This means that there will be no new costs for you.

You will receive a detailed overview of any outstanding invoice amounts or instalment payments. You specify where we should send the final bill.

Yes, you can have existing e-mail addresses transferred to you whether you are cancelling or taking over a contract. We do need a copy of the inheritance certificate as you will then have access to personal data.

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Please call us. The process is more complex due to the official documents that are required, so it is best if we guide you through it individually.

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There are no disruptions with mobile contracts. When you take over a fixed-network telephone, Internet or TV account, however, there may be brief disruptions on the morning of the transfer. We endeavour to keep these as brief as possible.

No, you can continue to use existing devices (router and TV-Box for example).

Call us on 0800 055 055 or visit us in a Swisscom Shop. If the contract is with a large company, contact the company in question for the number transfer.

Do you need someone to talk to? Heart2Heart is there for you – free of charge, confidential and around the clock.

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