Powerline 2000 Connection Kit

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Set up your Powerline 2000 Connection Kit, check performance and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Device and ports

Download the instruction PDF to get more information about the connections and buttons of the Powerline 2000.

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Set up and use

Internet connection in every room, no more cable clutter and optimised WLAN: everything you need for successful home networking.

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Frequently asked questions

LED not on: No power supply

LED lights up white: Everything is OK. The Powerline connection is working.

LED flashes white: The Powerline adapter is pairing with the device. Please wait approx. 15 seconds.

LED flashes red: No connection to the Powerline adapter

LED lights up red: Poor connection to the Powerline adapter

The actual data rate of the Powerline adapter will be greatly influenced by the conditions in your home or apartment. In Swisscom tests, data rates of between 150 and 300 Mbit/s were measured for the new Powerline adapters. This bandwidth is suitable for most applications, including multi-stream TV.

The Powerline 2000 combination you require depends on the number of Swisscom TV-Boxes you want to connect:

  • 1 TV-Box: One Powerline Connection Kit 2000 (2 adapters)
  • 2 TV-Boxes: One Powerline Connection Kit 2000 and one Powerline 2000 Connection adapter (3 adapters)
  • 3 TV-Boxes: One Powerline Connection Kit 2000 and two Powerline 2000 Connection adapters (4 adapters)
  1. Hold down the plus (+) button on the adapter to which the DSL/fibre router is also connected for two seconds.
  2. The LED starts to flash white. If it doesn't, repeat this step.
  3. Hold down the plus (+) button on the other adapter.
  4. The LED starts to flash white. If it doesn't, repeat this step.
  5. The LEDs on the two adapters will show a steady white light when successfully paired. If pairing is unsuccessful, try again. Reset the two adapters before pairing.

Unplug the two adapters and then plug them back in. If the connection is still not working, reset the two adapters:

  1. Hold down the plus (+) button for 10 seconds.
  2. Wait until the LEDs on both adapters flash red.
  3. Press the plus (+) button on each adapter again, for 2 seconds.
  4. After approx. 15 seconds, the LEDs on both adapters show a steady white light.
  5. Pair the Powerline adapters once again.

In rare cases, the Powerline technology may not work due to an incompatibility with your home's internal electrical wiring. In this case, please return the adapters to us within 14 days of purchase and we will refund the purchase price.

Yes, you can. However, Powerline 500 adapters will reduce the transmission rate of the new Powerline 2000 adapters. All Powerline adapters have a maximum transmission speed of 500 Mbit/s.

This would, in principle, be possible, provided that the other Powerline adapters have been designed in accordance with the Powerline HomePlug AV specification. Please note, however, that HomePlug AV is a standard that has evolved over several years. You may encounter significant difficulties depending on the adapter model you want to pair with the new Powerline adapters.

We therefore recommend only pairing myStrom Powerline adapters with one another and not integrating adapters from other manufacturers.

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