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Bluewin e-mail light, basic, pro and advanced: all you need to know about the changes to Bluewin e-mail products and Webmail adverts.

New Bluewin e-mail products

  • Swisscom has updated its Bluewin e-mail products. Key information at a glance:
  • Your e-mail addresses and e-mails remain unchanged.
  • Products that were free previously will remain so.
  • Residential customers with free services will see adverts when they use Bluewin e-mail via Webmail
  • Users with an Internet subscription and Bluewin e-mail basic can switch to ad-free Bluewin e-mail pro for CHF 1.90/mth. Which subscription do I have?(opens in new tab)
  • The paid services include more storage and more e-mail addresses than before in some instances.

Adverts in Webmail

You will see adverts in your Webmail inbox if you use Bluewin e-mail for free or do not pay for it separately. You will not receive advertisements through your e-mail program or app, such as Windows Outlook or Apple Mail.

You may see advertising banners at the top of the page and advertisements above the first e-mail in your inbox. They are clearly identified as advertisements to ensure that they are not confused with spam e-mails. After the e-mail has been sent, you will see another advertisement.

If you have an Internet subscription and Bluewin e-mail basic, you can switch to Bluewin e-mail pro for CHF 1.90/mth for ad-free Bluewin e-mail and more storage (15 GB instead of 5 GB).

If you do not wish to see adverts, you can use your e-mail program or app (Windows Outlook or Apple Mail) to access your Bluewin e-mail. Go to instructions

You cannot deactivate or change the way the adverts are displayed in Webmail.


You can see all the e-mail options available from Swisscom and the services they include in this overview.

The new terms and conditions (PDF) include the following:
  • The spam filter protects you from unwanted e-mails and is activated by default. Swisscom can use anonymised reports about spam e-mail to improve the spam filter. How the spam filter works
  • For security reasons, Swisscom may require you to use additional security factors to protect your password, such as two-factor authentication.  In addition to the user name and password, you will also be asked for an SMS code that will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • If you use Bluewin e-mail free of charge or do not pay for it separately, you may receive advertisements in your inbox. However, this will only happen if you access your Bluewin e-mails through a web browser (Webmail(opens in new tab)). You will not receive advertisements through your e-mail program or app, such as Windows Outlook or Apple Mail.
  • The e-mail products are available without using other Swisscom products or as an option with a Swisscom Internet subscription.
  • Swisscom can deactivate e-mail accounts without prior notice or compensation if they have not been accessed for more than 12 months.

"Inactive" means that the account has not been accessed for more than one year. However, if you have set up Bluewin e-mail on your mobile phone or computer (e.g. with Outlook or Apple Mail) or log in via webmail, the account remains active – even without sending or receiving e-mails. If you have set up automatic forwarding to another e-mail address, this also counts as activity.

If your password complies with basic security rules, then your login will not change. In the event of unusual login attempts, Swisscom can require the use of additional security factors such as two-factor authentication.

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