Use e-mail program

You can check your e-mails on your computer or mobile phone using an e-mail program or app.  

There are different set-up instructions (IMAP and Exchange).

Set up with instructions

What you need
  • Your Bluewin e-mail address
  • Your e-mail password (not the same as your Swisscom Login password)

You can update your E-mail password in My Swisscom(opens in new tab).

With IMAP, your e-mails are automatically synchronised on all devices. 

With Exchange, your e-mails, calendar, contacts and tasks are automatically synchronised on your smartphone and tablet (only for Bluewin E-Mail basic and advanced).  

Server settings and expert help

Use the Swisscom server data to set up Bluewin E-Mail on your device.   

We can help you in the Swisscom Shop, by phone or on site (charges apply).  

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Help from the Swisscom Community

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