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Use Webmail

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Using your Webmail and solving send/receive problems.

Using Webmail

You will need your Swisscom Login to use your Webmail.

Setting up e-mail

Do you send and receive your e-mails using an e-mail programme (such as Outlook, Apple Mail or on your tablet/smartphone)? 


Set up an e-mail account now

Instructions & functions

Define e-mail view

Access personal folders

Delete e-mails

Delete all e-mails in the “Sent”, “Recycle bin” or “Spam” folders


Posted on 06.05.2019

WLAN data, router password, Swisscom Login: Logging in

Swisscom uses a variety of different logins. Gain a clearer overview of the WLAN, router and other Swisscom passwords.


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Send/receive problems

Unable to send or receive e-mails?

There are several different reasons you may not be able to send or receive e-mails.


  • Storage space full
    If you have too many e-mails in your e-mail account, you will be unable to receive further e-mails. This also applies to e-mails in individual folders, archived e-mails and e-mails in the recycle bin. Solution: Delete the e-mails you no longer require.
  • Attachment larger than 15MB
    Solution: Reduce the size of the attachment or send the data using a file hosting service (such as Swisscom myCloud).

No longer able to find an e-mail in your inbox?

If you can’t find an e-mail in your inbox, it is usually because the e-mail has been moved into a folder or subfolder. To find the e-mail, try the following:


  • Check whether the e-mail is in the spam folder or in the recycle bin.
  • Use the Search function to search for the e-mail: e.g. enter the sender’s e-mail address or subject in the search field of the respective folder. Now use drag & drop to move the e-mail to the inbox or to a folder of your choice.



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