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Using Webmail

Using Webmail

Sending of SMS via Webmail

Due to a product adjustment, Bluewin Mail will make the following changes to the sending of SMS via Webmail:

  • Customers with a Light service package (free) will no longer be able to use the SMS composer from May 2018.
  • Customers with a Classic service package (free with a Swisscom Internet subscription or CHF 9.-/month without an Internet subscription) can send an unlimited number of SMS to Switzerland via web mail from May 2018.

In order to be able to continue sending SMS via web mail from May 2018, go to the Customer Center and switch from the Light service package to a Classic service package.


With Webmail, you can access e-mails on your computer or your mobile device through a browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari or Google Chrome without using an e-mail programme.

You will need your Swisscom Login to use your Webmail.

Setting up e-mail

Do you send and receive your e-mails using an e-mail programme (such as Outlook, Apple Mail or on your tablet/smartphone)? 


Set up an e-mail account now

Instructions & functions

Define e-mail view

Access personal folders

Delete e-mails

Delete all e-mails in the “Sent”, “Recycle bin” or “Spam” folders

Problems sending and receiving e-mails

Unable to send or receive e-mails?

There are several different reasons you may not be able to send or receive e-mails.

Storage space full

  If you have too many e-mails in your e-mail account, you will be unable to receive further e-mails. This also applies to e-mails in individual folders, archived e-mails and e-mails in the recycle bin. 
Solution: Delete the e-mails you no longer require.

Attachment larger than 15MB


Solution: Reduce the size of the attachment or send the data using a file hosting service (such as Swisscom myCloud).

No longer able to find an e-mail in your inbox?

If you can’t find an e-mail in your inbox, it is usually because the e-mail has been moved into a folder or subfolder. To find the e-mail, try the following:

Check whether the e-mail is in the spam folder or in the recycle bin.

Use the Search function to search for the e-mail: e.g. enter the sender’s e-mail address or subject in the search field of the respective folder. Now use drag & drop to move the e-mail to the inbox or to a folder of your choice.