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How to order your new iPhone

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The latest news about availability, delivery
times and orders of the new iPhones 8, 8 Plus, X and the Apple Watch Series 3.




How to order & delivery times

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and the Apple Watch Series 3 sale has started!

The iPhone X presale has started on 27.10.2017.

Delivery times (if you order now):

Availability generally depends on the quantities delivered by Apple and demand. Orders will be given equal treatment whichever point of sale you use (Online Shop, Swisscom Shops, Customer Service Call Center etc.)


If you order now, expected delivery times are as follows:

Last updated on 22.11.2017.

Space Gray

64 GB approx. 1 week
256 GB Available


64 GB Available
256 GB Available


64 GB Available
256 GB Available



Track your iPhone order status

Did you already order your new iPhone? Check your order status here. Simply enter the phone number and e-mail address that you specified when you placed your order:





How do I get my new iPhone as soon as possible?

How do I change my order (model, colour etc.)?

How do I cancel my order?

Who can help me set up my iPhone?

How do I protect my new iPhone from damage and theft?



FAQ – Apple Watch Series 3

When/how can I use the Apple Watch Series 3 without my phone?

Which wireless network features does the new Apple Watch Series 3 support?

Can I use the Apple Watch Series 3 abroad?



Blog: What to order when?

18.9.2017 by MiriamF

When to order your new iPhone, Apple Watch and Multi Device

Multi Device is the perfect key to unlock the LTE connectivity of the Apple Watch Series 3. Apple is going to activate the feature before the end of this year for Swisscom Residential and Business customers who are using an inOne mobile subscription. This means, you must wait a little longer before you can use your new Apple Watch with Multi Device, but we recommend you already order your new devices.

Only until 09.01.2018

Switch offer

Switch to us and we’ll refund you the termination fees for your existing contract

If you switch to inOne mobile by 09.01.2018, you needn't worry about paying the termination fees for your existing mobile contract thanks to our switch offer.


Cool accessories for your new iPhone

Discover the best covers, headsets and speakers.