Set up and use


Get to know the device

  1. on/off: switch the device on and of
  2. power: connect power (power adapter)
  3. audio: Connect Audio equipment Digital: Home-cinema system (mini TOSLINK cable) Analogue: Hi-fi equipment or amplifier (3.5 mm cinch cable)
  4. hdmi: connect TV set (HDMI cable)
  5. ethernet: connect Internet-Box (Ethernet cable)
  6. usb: USB port
  7. wps: connect the Swisscom Box wirelessly to the Internet-Box or restart pairing with the remote control
  8. IR: port for IR receiver

LED lights up white: the TV-Box is switched on.
LED lights up red: the TV-Box is on standby, or has no Internet connection
LED does not light up: the TV-Box is switched of

Frequently asked questions

The TV-Boxes can be connected with all Swisscom routers. With one restriction: the Voice Assistant cannot be used with the Centro Business router.

Yes, each household can use up to 5 TV-Boxes. You can use any TV-Boxes. However, please note the device restrictions.

Yes, you can also use Blue-TV without a Swisscom TV-Box. Find out more about using blue TV in the browser, via the app or with a third-party provider.

The TV-Box belongs to you and you are under no obligation to return it to Swisscom. However, if you no longer need the TV-Box, Swisscom can refurbish it and give it to another customer as a replacement device.

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