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Find button functions and connection instructions and troubleshoot functionality issues (e.g. flashing red) on the blue TV remote controls.

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Download the instruction PDF to get more information about the buttons of the blue TV remote controls.

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Find out how you set up blue TV, the options for your TV-Box and how to resolve sound and picture problems.

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Remote controls for Swisscom TV-Box

When you pair your TV with the
blue TV remote control, not only can you use it to control blue TV, but also to
switch your TV on and off or adjust the volume. To activate the function:

  1. Click the Home button on your remote control.
  2. Go to settings (cogwheel).
  3. Select TV-Box.
  4. Select ‘Pair remote control’

The red flashing light may indicate the following:

  • The TV-Box is not within range of the remote
    control. Move closer to the TV-Box.
  • The TV-Box does not have power. Check whether the TV-Box is plugged into a socket.
  • The TV-Box needs to be rebooted for technical reasons. Reboot the TV-Box.
  • Your remote control is no longer paired with the TV box. Hold down the WPS
    button on the TV-Box for 3 seconds and follow the prompts on the TV.

If you have changed the batteries and your remote still doesn't respond, we will help you troubleshoot it and order a new device if needed.

You can order a new remote control directly in our online shop.

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Follow these instructions to pair your new remote control.

> Replacing your remote control

With the blue TV app's remote control function, you can use your smartphone as a remote control.

Download blue TV app

Your blue TV remote control can do more than just change the channel and adjust the volume. Get tips in the Swisscom Community to help you access your choice of content as quickly as possible.

Go to tips(opens in new tab)

Click the coloured Google Assistant button on the top-left of the remote control to get started. You can search across live TV, on-demand, and streaming apps to find what you want to watch as well as open an app, change the channel, get answers to questions, control smart home devices, and more.

Remote control for Apple TV 4K

Yes, the Swisscom remote control for Apple TV 4K is available in the online shop. 

The Swisscom remote for Apple TV allows an amazing experience for using the Swisscom Blue TV app, and also for the vast majority of other apps. The Swisscom remote for Apple TV allows the following:

  • Intuitive channel change with P+ / P- buttons
  • Fast forward and fast rewind keys
  • Automatic backlighting in a dark environment

The Swisscom remote for Apple TV has a Siri key and a microphone, so you can use Siri with your Swisscom remote for Apple TV 4K. There also an IR emitter to control the volume of your TV set or AVR.  If you want a Siri Remote, you can purchase it in a retail store or at Apple. 

Turn on your TV and follow the steps on the Apple TV help page to set up your remote. On this page, you will also find an overview of the buttons and functions of your Swisscom remote control for Apple TV.

If the pairing is lost, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Press and Hold the MENU and VOLUME UP buttons on the remote simultaneously for at least 5 seconds to put remote into pairing mode
  2. A message will appear on the screen when the remote is detected
  3. To finalize the pairing, put the Swisscom remote for Apple TV very close to the Apple TV 4K Box (you can put it on top of the Apple TV 4K Box)
  4. A confirmation message will appear on the screen when the remote is paired
  5. Test the remote by pressing the HOME button and seeing if the screen responds.

More information about the Swisscom remote for Apple TV can be found here(opens in new tab).  

All tips and tricks regarding the usage of Siri with Apple TV 4K can be found here(opens in new tab).  

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