Extend the warranty on your mobile and other devices

Extend warranty

Devices bought from Swisscom generally come with a two-year warranty. This increases to four years with an extended warranty.

Check My Swisscom(opens in new tab) to find out how much longer your warranty has to run.

If the two-year warranty for a device can be extended, you will be offered this option when you place your order.

Devices and accessories in the online shop

You can take out an extended warranty for a further two years when you purchase your device.

You cannot extend the warranty retrospectively. 

The extended warranty costs 11% of the device price.  

This is always calculated on the basis of the gross list price and not the promotional price. 

Make a claim

Take the device purchased from Swisscom to your nearest Swisscom Shop or send it to us in the post.

If the claim is covered by the warranty, we will exchange the device or repair the damage free of charge.

This is determined by whether the warranty is still valid and whether the damage comes under the warranty.

Warranty terms(opens in new tab)

Terms and conditions for repairs(opens in new tab)

Damage caused by external factors, such as damage caused by dropping or water, as well as misuse if the phone is stolen, are not covered by the warranty.

The Easy Protection extended warranty includes protection for risks such as these:

Easy Protection

If a repair is not covered by a valid warranty, you will receive a quotation for repair with the estimated costs in advance from Swisscom.

Terms and conditions for repairs(opens in new tab)

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