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Protect your devices for a further 2 years with the warranty extension.
Find out how to extend the warranty and what to do if you need help.

Take out a warranty extension

To extend your device warranty by a further 2 years, take out the warranty extension option when you purchase the device.

My device has a fault – what do I do?

If the device you purchased has a fault, take it to your nearest Swisscom Shop or send it to us. We can repair a phone under warranty if

  • the warranty has not yet expired
  • the problem or defect is covered by the warranty

You can find out more about the warranty in My Swisscom.

In the event of a warranty claim, we will replace the faulty device or repair the defect for you. If we repair your device, you must return the replacement device (provided for the repair period).

Frequently asked questions

You can extend the warranty period for some products in the Swisscom Online Shop by 2 years to a total of 4 years. If the warranty for a product can be extended, you will be offered this option when you place your order. You will be charged a one-off fee of 11% of the device price (gross list price) for the extended warranty.

The warranty extension costs 11% of the purchase price. The gross list price always applies rather than any promotional price.

It extends the existing warranty period of your device by 2 years to a total of 4 years.

External factors, such as damage caused by dropping or water as well as misuse if the phone is stolen, are not covered by the warranty. Swisscom’s all-round Easy Protection insurance covers the cost of repairs in circumstances such as these.

You can view the warranty certificate and warranty period in My Swisscom.

The Easy Protection extended guarantee protects you against external factors such as damage caused by dropping, water and misuse if the phone is stolen. In the event of defects or faults (not involving external factors), the warranty extension extends the manufacturer’s warranty to a total of 4 years.

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