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Prepaid for tourists

Hassle-free calls and surfing within Switzerland, especially for tourists.

Enjoy a hassle-free holiday

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No contract

With this prepaid offering, you are not tied in to any contract. Take advantage of the card for as long as you wish, but with no long-term commitments. Product can be cancelled at any time without any penalty.

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Complete cost control

By paying in advance for your usage, you retain complete control over your spending. There are no unexpected bills or additional fees.

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Flexible eSIM

Thanks to eSIM, you can order online and get started right away with no need to visit a physical point of sale.  

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No roaming charges

Switzerland is not subject to the EU Roaming regulation (roam like at home). With this prepaid offer, however, tourists can still enjoy free unlimited calls and mobile data usage within Switzerland.

Prepaid Flatrate 7 Days:

Our offer for tourists

  • Phone calls and SMS: Unlimited within Switzerland
  • Mobile data: Unlimited within Switzerland
  • Speed: 50 Mbit/s download

Price for 7 days


You have a hotel and would like more information or flyers for your tourists?


For example: DE = 20, IT = 30, FR = 10

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most important questions about the prepaid offer for tourists.

Our offer is designed especially for tourists. 7 days of unlimited calls and surfing throughout Switzerland for just CHF 20.–. There will be no additional usage costs within Switzerland throughout this period.

If you also want to make calls or surf while travelling outside of Switzerland, you can find more tariffs in our subscription details. 

If your stay in Switzerland is for more than 7 days, you can easily add a new package after the first prepaid 7-day flat rate has expired. Renewing the package again costs CHF 20.–. You will then have a further 7 days of unlimited calls and surfing. Besides the 7-day package, 30-day and 90-day packages for CHF 65.– and CHF 150.– respectively are also available

If you choose not to renew the package, the prepaid basic rate will apply to all further calls and data usage within Switzerland. The only prerequisite for this is a sufficient credit balance from which the charges can be deducted.

Prepaid basic tariff:

  • Calls 0.29/min.
  • SMS 0.15/SMS
  • Surfing 2.−/day

Yes, you can sign up to the offer before you arrive. The 7 days will only start once you have arrived in Switzerland and you use the prepaid card for the first time. You can therefore sign up to the offer at any time prior to your trip without incurring any costs. When you enter Switzerland, your prepaid card will activate automatically and you can start using it right away.


If your device supports eSIM, you don’t need a physical point of sale, you can do everything online. The eSIM is installed in your device already and will be ready for use immediately following your order. To activate the eSIM, scan your personal QR code and, in just a few clicks, your eSIM will be activated.

SIM card

If you require a physical SIM card, you will need to visit a Swisscom Shop or easy Point (kiosk, Press&Book or Avec) to collect the SIM card. Once you’ve inserted it into the SIM slot, your device will be ready to use.

You can take advantage of the offer with either an eSIM or a regular SIM card. If your device is not compatible with eSIM, you will need a regular SIM card. You can pick these up at any Swisscom Shop. If you don’t have a Swisscom Shop nearby, you can select a local easy Point (Kiosk, Press&Book or Avec) during the online order process, where you can then pick up your SIM card.

You can sign up to the Flat 7 prepaid offering at any Swisscom Shop. Please follow this link for the Shop locations: Swisscom Shops

The Prepaid Flat 7 offer runs on the Swisscom network. To use it, you need to take out a new SIM profile (eSIM or physical SIM card), which means you will be assigned a Swisscom phone number.

Data usage is via the new Swisscom number, but you can use Whatsapp with your own number, for example. The new Swisscom number is used for making calls and writing SMS. The offer cannot be applied to an existing number. This is only possible if you already have a prepaid from Swisscom that is still active. In this case, the offer can be connected directly via Cockpit.

You can check your current credit balance directly via your mobile phone in the cockpit or by message.

In the cockpit

You can view your credit balance at You can access the cockpit for free worldwide, even if you have no credit left

By message

Send an SMS to 444 with the message STATUS. You will then receive a message showing your current balance.

In the Cockpit

Go to the Swisscom Cockpit. Enter the amount you wish to top up and select a regular credit card as the payment method. You can access for free worldwide, even if you have no credit left. 

By Voucher / Value PIN

Buy a prepaid voucher at a point of sale and redeem it as follows. On your phone’s numeric keypad, enter *123*14-digit_Value_PIN# call button. The credit purchased on the voucher will then be loaded into your account.   

Vouchers are available at various points of sale, including kiosks, petrol stations, Migros, Coop, Denner etc. 

If the SIM card is not used for 12 months, the remaining credit lapses and the number reverts to Swisscom. The following are all deemed use of the SIM card: outgoing calls, sending text messages, sending and receiving MMS messages and any use of mobile data communication. 

Welcome to Switzerland’s best network

We give our all every day for the best mobile network in Switzerland  to help you stay connected during your holidays.  Always, everywhere.

The best mobile network in Switzerland      The Swisscom network is climate neutral

99.9% network coverage, 100% climate neutral

Dos & Don'ts in Switzerland

Avoid cultural misunderstandings when visiting Switzerland.

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Saying hello and goodbye 

It is customary to say hello and goodbye when meeting someone or entering or leaving a room.


Punctuality is very important in Switzerland, so you should make an effort to be on time for appointments and observe deadlines.


Politeness and respect for others are very important in Swiss culture. It is customary to say please and thank you and to be polite to one another.


In Switzerland, there is no obligation for guests to tip. However, in many restaurants it is appreciated to pay about 10 per cent of the bill as a tip or to round it up to a round amount.

donts icon

Noise pollution

People in Switzerland are very considerate of others, so take care to keep noise levels down and avoid disturbing others.


Smoking is prohibited in public buildings and public spaces in Switzerland.Der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm ist eine Redewenung 

Informal language

In Switzerland, it is customary to use more formal language initially and wait for an invitation to use first-name terms.


In Switzerland, spitting in public is considered rude and unhygienic, and should be avoided.Der Apfel fällt nicht weit vom Stamm ist eine Redewenung die in der schweiz oft verwendet wird