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Whether it’s safeguarding network & cloud security, providing dedicated banking solutions or using data analytics, we are the reliable ICT partner for companies of all sizes; from start-ups to corporations. In this area, therefore, you will be responsible for helping our corporate customers take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitisation.

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An insight into our work

In Business & IT Consulting, we create new opportunities for our B2B customers in the digital world. With a comprehensive portfolio of our own state-of-the-art solutions and partner products.

Continued protection

Every day, we work on protecting the IT of our business customers. Helping them minimise risks and detect breaches at an early stage. This relies on the interplay of more than 200 security experts and machine learning. The goal: security for Swiss companies and their customers worldwide.

Secure and agile networks

We are constantly improving the speed, security and agility of our business customer networks to ensure their successful transformation into a data-driven business. For this, we rely on the very latest technologies such as Software Defined Networking (SDN). What’s more, our network solution Enterprise Connect is the most innovative in Switzerland.

Data as a commodity

We give our B2B customers all the tools they need to handle data smartly and intelligently, helping them gradually transform into a data driven business. Our innovative technologies, proven solutions and extensive ICT expertise are integral to this. Our goal is to give our B2B customers a long-term competitive advantage.

Cloud Portfolio

Working with our business customers, we develop a data center and cloud strategy that meets their needs, providing the support they require for implementation and the transformation of their business. In this, we rely on our comprehensive network and cloud portfolio, as well as our certified in-house experts. We also develop and operate our own clouds.

IT expertise for industries

We offer customised solutions for handling sensitive data and critical business processes, combining industry expertise with specialised IT know-how and a well-established service portfolio. We can then create links with new areas such as Open Banking or eHealth. The goal: to advance digitisation in banking, health and insurance with our innovative industry solutions.

Digital busi­ness processes

We show our business customers how to get the most out of their SAP and ServiceNow solutions, relying on our approximately 400 certified employees in SAP consulting, application management and operations as well as a growing team of ServiceNow specialists. Depending on the customer’s needs, our own cloud solutions also come into play. The goal: to fully prepare our B2B customers today for the business world of tomorrow.

The smart workplace

We give our B2B customers access to the connected working world, relying on innovative and state-of-the-art technologies as well as our internal implementation experience. Swisscom is itself one of the early adopters of innovative workplace solutions. What‘s more: Our Work Smart coaching also takes into account the cultural aspect.

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